PSAR Strategic Plan.  PSAR Mission: PSAR empowers real estate professionals.  PSAR's Vision: Realtors are a valuable resource, private property rights are secure and homeowership is widely available.  PSAR Values: Competent, Ethical, Diverse, Transparent, Trustworthy & Empathetic.  PSAR is member driven, provide programs, education & training, and PSAR is strong.

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Founded in 1928, PSAR has a rich history. History prior to the 1970s was documented by active members at the time.
A copy of this history can be found in this PDF document.

  • Pacific Southwest Association of REALTORS Expands into Central San Diego

    PSAR would begin expanding its service area, gain a presence, and service its members in the Central San Diego area. PSAR's Central Service Center opened its doors on January 23, 2019 at  4340 Genesee Ave. #203, San Diego, CA.

  • Merger of Pacific Southwest Association of REALTORS® and East County Association of REALTORS®

    With this merger and the help of East County Association of REALTORS®, PSAR would begin expanding its service area and flourish into the diverse Association it is today!

  • Name change from the East San Diego County Board of REALTORS®

    In 1996, President Laura F. Houle and Secretary Jerry Scantlin, on behalf of the association's 752 members, amended the Articles of Incorporation to reflect the name change from the East San Diego County Board of REALTORS® to the East San Diego County Association of REALTORS®. The amendment was certified by Houle and Scantlin on September 4, 1996 and officially recognized by the State of California on September 27, 1996.

  • South Bay Cities Board of Realtors transition into what we are today, Pacific Southwest Association of Realtors

    As a final name change, on June 4, 1992, South San Diego Bay Cities Association of Realtors would become Pacific Southwest Association of Realtors.

  • Sandicor, a California corporation, was founded in 1991 by eleven Associations of REALTORS® in San Diego County.

    These eleven Associations combined their efforts and merged the data from three different Multiple Listing Services operating in San Diego County into one consolidated database providing MLS Products and Services.

  • Merger of La Mesa and El Cajon Board of Realtors

    By the mid 1970s, with the smaller outlying communities of Lakeside, Lemon Grove, and Santee growing in size, East County REALTORS® realized that there were significant advantages to be gained by consolidating their resources, combining efforts, and creating a united front. In 1975, the La Mesa Board of REALTORS® and the El Cajon Valley Board of REALTORS® merged, incorporating as the East San Diego County Board of REALTORS®.

    The fusion of the two boards resulted in an inaugural year with 30 directors on the board, with four recognized as "first directors" in the Articles of Incorporation: George Paul, Jim Mitchell, Donald Smith, and David Bird. The Articles of Incorporation were witnessed and executed by first directors George Paul, Jim Mitchell, and Donald Smith on October 29, 1975.

  • National City-Chula Vista Board of Realtors evolves into South Bay Cities Association of Realtors

    After being submitted to membership to vote on the name change, on May 26, 1964, National City Chula Vista Board of Realtors would change its name to South San Diego Bay Cities Association of Realtors, with approval from the state.

  • El Cajon Valley Board of Realtors is Founded

    On May 26, 1959, the El Cajon Valley Board of REALTORS® was chartered by the National Association of Real Estate Boards. President J Mudall, Vice President John Cotton, and Secretary Eugene P. Cousen executed the charter, creating a professional network of hard-working, ethical, and responsible men and women dedicated to assisting homeowners in El Cajon and its growing suburbs.

  • Chula Vista is added to the National City Board of Realtors

    On March 31, 1955 the Board and C.C. Alley, Board President that year, changed their name to National City-Chula Vista Board of Realtors

  • La Mesa Board of Realtors is founded.

    The La Mesa Board of Realtors, the predecessor to the East San Diego County Association of Realtors, was founded. J.J. Burke is elected its first president.

    The postwar population boom had created new demands for housing, and with Highway 80 as the primary east-west artery of San Diego, the East County offered appealing, spacious, and economical alternatives to the urban crush of the metro area. As the eastward migration increased and the transformation of Highway 80 into the multiple lanes of Interstate 8 began, bedroom communities of ranch-style homes and affordable housing developments sprouted up along this traffic corridor, east of 70th Street. El Cajon and La Mesa quickly emerged as the dominant cities of a burgeoning East County.

  • National City Board of Realtors pioneers change by forming the MLS

    During the November 1948 meetings, consideration was given to a Multiple Listing System, and it was proposed that Chula Vista be incorporated in the Board name, that the Board be incorporated, raise dues, charge an initiation fee, and adopt the Multiple Listing system.

  • National City Board of Realtors is Founded

    On Thursday, February 2, 1928, H.P. Schuerman was elected the first President of the National City Realty Board; Willard L. Kimball was elected Secretary and Vern E. Hawkins, Treasurer.