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Welcome affiliates

PSAR is pleased to extend a hardy welcome to you a valued Affiliate Professional! We anticipate a strong reception for the services and/or products you provide that benefit home buyers, home sellers, and REALTORS®.

By becoming a service partner of our member REALTORS®  and enhancing the experience of their buyer and seller clients, you will raise the profile of your business which leads to its growth.

PSAR offers exciting promotional opportunities leveraging a variety of platforms, both live and virtual. Examples include in-person charity and association celebratory events, live and online meetings and classes at PSAR office facilities, networking-focused social gatherings, the PSAR website, and the MLS dashboard accessed by our members daily. We look forward to working with you to select the ones that work best for you!

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Affiliate Marketing and Advertising Opportunities 

2024 Affiliate Marketing Packages
PDF of Marketing Opportunites

Advertising on TV monitors in South and East meeting rooms

  • Two 65” TVs hung in EACH of the two large meeting rooms.
  • One TV is located in the East County Lobby.
  • Total of five rotating screens in our venues.
  • During PSAR classes/events/meetings held in the rooms, the TVs will rotate annual sponsors along with relevant content and photos.
  • Impressions (member views) - 30,000+
  • 1 month at $125 (auto-renewed automatically with CC’d on file)

Business Card Advertising in the Pitch Booklets (limited spots)
 (see sample)

  • Distributed at our South (Wednesday) and East (Thursday) pitches
  • Advertising of a 3.5” x 2” business card as one of the 20 spots in each pitch booklet. 
  • First Come First Served for the first 20 spots.
  • Impressions (member views) - 2,400+
  • 12 months for $300 per booklet (auto-renewed automatically with CC’d on file)

Sponsor an existing PSAR Class

  • Display marketing materials at the class.
  • 2-3 minutes of speaking time to the attendees.
  • ‘Sponsored by’ and logo added to the marketing of the class
  • These classes could be during breakfast or lunch
  • $30/Registered Member two days before the class date (PSAR to provide the food)
  • $10/Registered Member two days before the class (Sponsor to provide food)

Sponsor an Orientation Class (engage new real estate agent members)

  • ‘Sponsored by’ and logo added to the marketing email invitations to new members
  • Food will be provided (PSAR will order the food and have it delivered)
  • The sponsor will have 2-3 minutes to address the new members
  • $300 per orientation  
  • Orientation is held once a month (rotating through each of the three offices)
  • New members are required to attend within the first 60 days of joining PSAR

Sponsor Weekly Pitch Sessions (Breakfast or Coffee sponsorships available)

PSAR weekly pitch sessions are held on Wednesday in the South Office and Thursday in the East Office

Breakfast Sponsorship

  • 3-minute speaking time
  • Banner ad in the PSAR pitch email sent the evening before your presentation  (see sample)
  • Banner in the pitch booklet that is handed to attendees during South / East pitch sessions. (see sample)
  • A Banner Slide is displayed while the sponsor addresses the group
  • Breakfast Sponsorship cost of providing breakfast for the group of approximately 45- 5- attendees

Coffee Sponsorship

  • Printed name, company, and phone number in the PSAR pitch email sent the evening before your presentation
  • Printed name, company, and phone number in the pitch booklet handed to attendees during the South / East pitch session
  • Marketing materials can be displayed by the coffee stand during the pitch
  • Mentioned and thanked by the pitch host(s) during the pitch session
  • Coffee Sponsorship cost of providing coffee or %50 to have PSAR make Coffe

    Click here for times/locations  A cancelation fee of $150 will be assessed if a pitch sponsor cancels less than two weeks prior to their scheduled sponsorship Contact to reserve your spot! 


REALTOR® Referral Program for Affiliates
Affiliates can now offer 5 free months of CRMLS to any active real estate agent who switches from another MLS to CRMLS and PSAR as his or her primary association. In return, the Affiliate will receive 100 “Ad Dollars” that can be applied towards the cost of any PSAR advertising product.


Affiliate of the Year Recognition
Your partnering efforts may be publicly acknowledged! Click here for more information and criteria for the Affiliate of the Year award.


Showcase your expertise!
Affiliates are encouraged to share their knowledge and expertise with our PSAR membership by hosting a class or workshop. Contact for more information.


Advertising opportunities on CRMLS and PSAR Website
Position your business in front of thousands of agents via the PSAR public website, and PSAR Members' Facebook Page!
Contact for more information and pricing.


To find out more about the Affiliate program and how to promote your business as a PSAR partner, call us at 619-271-5898. We can also be reached at or through Chat on this website.


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