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Being a PSAR volunteer will give you the opportunity to work with influential and intelligent industry and community leaders. As a member of the Board, you will be the face of the organization and a leader in the industry in the eyes of the public. Expand your network, grow your professional stature, and influence initiatives that empower Realtors® and resonate with you, challenge yourself intellectually and make yourself better at YOUR job.

The success of any association ultimately depends upon the contributions of its members. Serving on a committee furthers your professional development by providing leadership experience, expanding your professional network, and strengthening your ties within the industry.  The Pacific Southwest Association of REALTORS® relies upon the dedication and service of our REALTOR® and Affiliate members. By participating on a committee, each member helps to guide the Association by recommending improvements and overseeing programs and expenditures. Ideas that are discussed at the committee level become motions, which are then brought to either PSAR’s Committee Councils or the Board of Directors for consideration.



Maintains a mutually beneficial balance between REALTORS® and Affiliate members. These committees are made up of professionals who provide education and information to REALTORS® and spearhead the Association’s major fundraisers. They also provide support for many other Association projects and social events. Meets quarterly.

Martha Garcia, Affiliate Director, (619) 370-7619


CHARITY COMMITTEE / Young Professionals Network (YPN)

Promotes events that support the enhancement of the public image of Realtors® in the community while creating & developing quarterly charitable events while focusing on connecting and engaging PSAR REALTORS® through networking opportunities and events, technology and social media, and professional development. YPN encourages all members of PSAR to seize responsibility for shaping the direction of the Association and the real estate industry.

Tristin Stokes, Chair, (619) 212-6652



The Committee Council is the meeting of Committee Chairs and Vice-Chairs. The Committee meets quarterly to coordinate Committee efforts and engage with other Committees. This group is key to prioritizing PSAR's efforts and keeping a focus on our Mission and Values.

President-Elect Laurie MacDonald Presides over the Committee Council 

CRMLS Advisory


Makes recommendations to CRMLS about improving the MLS system and related technology.  Extensive MLS experience is needed to provide thoughtful input.




PSAR is a non-profit organization. Our Finance Committee oversees PSAR's financial well-being. The committee reviews annual budgets, monthly financial reserves, an annual audit, and is a key committee needed to ensure that PSAR is using its resources to further PSAR's mission. 

Michael Dullea, Secretary/Treasurer, (619) 890-3614

Global Council


The Global Council aids PSAR members in developing new business avenues by incorporating international elements into their real estate activities. The council aims to offer resources and opportunities for members to deepen their understanding of the global real estate market. It focuses on creating educational and networking events to help members grow their international business reach. The Council regularly organizes events with an international theme through different methods and convenes monthly on Zoom and quarterly at the South office located at 880 Canrios Court in Chula Vista.


Abraham Vargas, Committee Chair, (619) 787-7538
Victor Herrera, PSAR Staff Liaison, (619) 271-5897



PSAR advocacy supports homeownership, real estate, private property rights, and other REALTOR® issues in Washington D.C., Sacramento, and in city and county governments throughout San Diego County. Samples of recent success stories include.

Recently, the GA Committee has advocated AGAINST a statewide Service tax, increased conforming loan limits, home retrofits enforces when a home sells, reduced barriers for building additional dwelling units (ADU's), rent control, and in support of protecting Prop 13.

Kay LeMenager, East Sub-Committee Chair, (619) 871-6084

David Fletes, South Sub-Committee Chair, (619) 421-7811 

Dylan Graham and Peyton Birdsell, Central Sub-Committee Co-Chairs, (619) 806-1519, (619) 347-7413

Max Zaker, GA Unified Chair, (619) 952-1479

George Ching, Staff Liaison, (619) 271-5894

    california vote



Reviews complaints against members to determine if the complaint warrants arbitration or grievance hearing.

*Must be REALTOR® member for at least 3 years, must-attend annual mandatory training, and meet membership requirements to qualify for Committee.*

Sally Valdez, PSAR Director of Operations, (619) 579-0333



Members of the Professional Standards Committee shall be selected to serve on hearing panels as required to hear matters of alleged ethical misconduct by association members or to provide arbitration as requested. *Committee members must have been REALTOR members for at least three (3) years and complete annual mandatory training to qualify.*

Sally Valdez, PSAR Director of Operations, (619) 749-2497



Identifies technology programs and tech-related educational opportunities for PSAR's membership. The committee reviews and makes recommendations regarding technology to PSAR's, Board of Directors, and Staff.  Committee meets Quarterly via Zoom.

Mike White, Tech Committee Chair, (858) 271-4327


REALTOR® and Affiliate Members who volunteer are the backbone of the Association. Your help, ideas, and input are important to our
success in the coming year. We invite you to participate in your Association by becoming a Member of one or more Committees.

Let us know how you would like to empower your industry. Email:


Our Mission is to empower Realtors to flourish while being accountable to each other, our clients and our community.

Since 1928, the Pacific Southwest Association of REALTORS® has played a significant role in shaping the history, growth & development of the Real Estate industry in San Diego County. Most recently a Shared Services Agreement with the North San Diego County Association of REALTORS® has expanded the areas in the County were PSAR is able to serve our members.