2024 PSAR Fee Schedule


Pacific Southwest Association of REALTORS® provides the best service at the best price.  We work hard to empower Realtors every day with superior data, education, benefits, advocacy, and support.

Membership options are displayed below:
   • REALTOR®: PSAR board dues for Designated REALTOR® and REALTOR®
   • Broker: MLS Designated REALTOR® Broker Participant
   • Agent: MLS REALTOR® Agent Subscriber
   • Assistant: MLS Assistant Subscriber
   • Affiliate: PSAR Affiliate Members

Regular Annual Dues
REALTOR® Dues are lower than our competitor & prorated monthly.

PSAR Annual Dues $156
NAR Annual Dues $201 
CAR  Annual Dues $231
(New members add $200 for CAR State Processing Fee & a PSAR one-time $75 onboarding fee. A new member is a member who has not been an active REALTOR® anywhere for more than a year) 

Secondary REALTOR® Membership
® who are members of CAR and NAR through another Local Association of REALTORS®may join PSAR as a Secondary member.  
Secondary REALTOR® Association fees are $156 annually and entitle the REALTOR® in good standing to all PSAR's REALTOR® benefits.  (This does not include MLS Services or Sentrilock Keycard.)

Quarterly MLS
CRMLS Full MLS Fees for Matrix or Paragon are prorated monthly every quarter:
$162/Quarter when on auto-pay or $168/Quarter when billing is required. (New users add a one-time $50.00 MLS setup fee.

Matrix or Paragon as an Additional MLS
PSAR MLS subscribers who are already paying for Paragon may add Matrix as a second PSAR-served MLS for only $15. This must be on autopay and is billed monthly.  
PSAR's CRMLS Assistant MLS Fees are billed every quarter:
$34.99/quarter.  (New users add a one-time $50.00 MLS setup fee.)

CRMLS's Agent/broker Sentrilock card fee is prorated quarterly or: 
$114 for a full year
$50 one-time activation fee
$15.75 per month for Supra Access (estimated)
(Supra manages the billing for your Supra key)

Sentrilock card fee is Prorated Quarterly

$60 for a full year and prorates each quarter.

Affiliate Members
PSAR's Affiliate Fees are prorated monthly during the year. 
$175 per year.  New members pay a $75 Application Fee

* Prices are subject to change at any time. For questions or concerns, please email support@psar.org, chat on our home page, or call us at 619-421-7811.

PSAR Event & Board Room Space Rentals
For more room information and photos click here
For a copy of the rental agreement click here(link coming soon)

Facility Availability Non-Member
Hourly Rate*
Minimum Cleaning Deposit (Refundable)* Maximum Occupancy Provided Tables
Chula Vista Board Room
(business meetings only)
Monday - Friday
8:00 am - 5:00 pm
$125 2 hours $100 20 Board Table
Chula Vista Event Room
(Business hours)
Monday - Friday
8:00 am - 5:00 pm
$200 3 hours $250 110 14 - 60" Rounds
Chula Vista Event Room
(Non-business hours)
Monday - Friday
after 5:00 pm
$400 4 hours $400 110 14 - 60" Rounds
El Cajon Event Room* Monday - Wednesday
8:00 am - 5:00 pm
$200 3 hours $250 175 18 - 60" Rounds
El Cajon Event Room
(Non-business hours)**
Monday - Wednesday
after 5:00 pm
$400 4 hours $400 175 18 - 60" Rounds
Clairemont Event Room Monday - Friday
8:00 am - 5:00 pm
$100 1 hour $100 60 16 classroom tables

Notes and disclosures below:

**El Cajon event venue,  scheduled Thursday-Sunday is managed by Gaher Events.  Member pricing does not apply to these events. Gaher Events is a full-service event company.  They will assist in planning and catering a reasonably priced full-service banquet. Hablo Espanol.

• The cleaning deposit may be refunded if rooms are left as received. Additional cleaning fees may apply in extenuating circumstances.

• Pricing note: Contact PSAR for discounted rates when scheduling recurring meetings.

• PSAR members qualify for a 30% discount off pricing with NO minimum time requirement!  Banquets hosted Thursday-Sunday are exempt.

• Broker Discount.  Brokers may book no-fee office meetings sponsored by PSAR.  Contact us for information. 


Dispute Resolution Fees

Dispute fees for Ethics Complaints Made By Members or the Public

No costs are associated with Ethics Complaints.  Upholding the code of ethics builds professionalism in our industry.

Member mediation or arbitration
If a PSAR member has been named as a Respondent, as a member benefit, all mediation fees will be waived for the Respondent member EXCEPT if the REALTOR® member acted as a principal in the transaction.

If a PSAR member is filing a claim and is involved as an agent in the subject dispute, as a member benefit, the Mediation filing fee shall be $250 for the Claimant and no additional fees will be assessed for mediation services provided to the Claimant.  If the issue can not be resolved in mediation, the Arbitration fee will be an additional $500. In the past 10 years, only one case was not agreed upon in mediation.

Non-member mediation and arbitration fees
Mediation for Non-PSAR Members or PSAR members involved as the principal in the transaction will be charged according to the following schedule:

Administrative Filing Fee – $150 per party, or $250 by Claimant (REALTOR benefit)
Under $10,000 in dispute – $275 per party
$10,000 – $30,000 in dispute – $300 per party
$30,000 – $50,000 in dispute – $450 per party
$50,000 – $100,000 in dispute – $600 per party
Over $100,000 – subject to assessment by Mediation personnel.
Hearing Recordings (if available) - $250 per party

The above fees are split between the Association and Mediators.  

Any Mediation over four (4) hours is charged at $100.00 per hour, per party, with 100% of the hourly fee to the Mediators.

Please note: Pacific Southwest Association of REALTORS® reserves the right to adjust fees or reject mediations depending on the complexity of issues.