PSAR Annual Affiliate Advertising Package

PSAR is offering an all-inclusive exciting promotional package to include all opportunities leveraging a variety of platforms, both live and virtual. Examples include in-person charity and association celebratory events, live and online meetings and classes at PSAR office facilities, networking-focused social gatherings, the PSAR website, and the MLS dashboard accessed by our members daily. 


NEW! All-Inclusive, 2023 PSAR Annual Affiliate Advertising Package

A $20,556 value for $10,000

This package includes all the following...

Annual Package includes the Yearly Affiliate Membership Fee $156.00

Annual Extra Large MLS Headline Banner Ad for 12 months $16,000  (see sample)

  • CRMLS rotating banner ad located at the top of the MLS Dashboard linked to your URL
  • MLS 'Tile' on the MLS Dashboard linked to your URL
  • PSAR’s 4000 MLS account users access either the Paragon or the Matrix platforms daily.
  • Impressions (member views) - 5,000/month (60,000/year)

Advertising package at the REAL Awards event  $500.00

  • ½ page company ad in the program
  • Recognition on the big screen
  • Honorable Mention by the Host/DJ
  • Logo on printed and web material
  • The annual sponsor roll-up’ banner would be displayed at the event
  • Recognition on all Award emails (with link to sponsor ‘thank you' landing page

NEW! Annual Sponsors Roll-up Banners in the 3 PSAR Offices $700.00

  • ‘Roll-up’ banners at the South, Central, and East PSAR offices
  • Banners display all the logos of the PSAR annual sponsors
  • Banners would be seen at PSAR events and other events hosted at each location.

NEW! Advertising on TV monitors in East and South meeting rooms 12 months  $1,600.00

  • Two 65” TVs hung in EACH of the two large meeting rooms.
  • One TV located in the East County Lobby.
  • One TV located in the South County lobby.
  • Total of six rotating screens in our venues.
  • During PSAR classes/events/meetings held in the rooms, the TVs will be rotating annual sponsors along with relevant content and photos.
  • Impressions (member views) - 30,000+

Business Card Advertising in the Pitch Booklets $400.00  (see sample)

  • Distributed at our South (Wednesday) and East (Thursday) pitches
  • Advertising of a 3.5” x 2” business card as one of the 20 spots in each pitch booklet.  
  • Impressions (member views) - 2,400+

Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn Promotional Video $1,000.00

  • Professionally crafted 1-3 minute video.
  • To be displayed on the PSAR Facebook public Page and Members Group.
  • Page Reach - 25,300+

Sponsor an existing PSAR Class $300.00

  • Display marketing materials at the class.
  • 2-3 minutes of speaking time to the attendees.
  • ‘Sponsored by’ and logo added to the marketing of the class
  • Sponsor to provide food for the attendees (up to 75 attendees)*

     *Annual sponsors will get the first choice of the class they would like to sponsor and PSAR provide food for lunch.

Sponsor One Orientation Class* (held once a month with new members) $300.00

  • Orientation is held on the second Friday of each month.
  • New members are required to attend within the first 60 days of joining PSAR
  • ‘Sponsored by’ and logo added to the marketing email invitations to new members
  • Food will be provided **
  • The sponsor will have 2-3 minutes to address the new members

     *Annual sponsors will get the first choice of the class they would like to sponsor and will not be required to provide food.
      (class must be selected by January 20th).

      **We will order the food and have it delivered.


All affiliate marketing content must be approved by PSAR.