Welcome letter for new members

Hello ____________,

Welcome to the Pacific Southwest Association of REALTORS® (PSAR), the California Association of REALTORS (C.A.R.) and the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR). New members usually also subscribe to the Sandicor Multiple Listing Service (MLS.) PSAR is an owner of this MLS along with two other associations. PSAR is a member-driven organization, we provide the best service and our MLS fees and REALTOR®  dues are the lowest in San Diego County. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact support@psar.org and we will work hard to ensure your satisfaction. If you need additional help, please feel free to contact me directly at ceo@psar.org


This email contains valuable information about your membership. The tools and benefits provided by PSAR are designed to enhance the benefits provided by your Brokerage. If utilized, they can help to increase your opportunities for success in the real estate business. If you utilize the benefits provided, they will pay off in returns exponentially greater than what you pay in dues and fees.


Website: www.psar.org  Click login button. Your login ID # is XXXXXX. Your password ______________. Here you will find all the information and links to pay your REALTOR® dues, MLS fee’s, as well as, register for classes and events. Learn the latest news, also access account information for payments for REALTORS® and MLS fees. (For Sentrilock key invoices visit www.sandicor.com.)


Your MLS ID number is XXXXXX and is used to gain access to the MLS provided by Sandicor. Sandicor MLS uses software called Paragon. To access the MLS, you can go to www.psar.org, and follow the link that says Paragon on the left. Here you enter your MLS ID and temporary password which you will be receiving by email from Sandicor, safemls@sandicor.com

Sentrilock Card

Your 4 digit code is XXXX. Your Sentrilock password to update your card is: _____________.  SentriLock is the lockbox system managed by PSAR and Sandicor. This system is owned by NAR and provides an excellent high-tech method for REALTORS® to secure property belonging to their clients. Using this tool appropriately will help you market more effectively. Download the driver for your computer here. For tips and tools go here


***PSAR purchased the SentriSmart App for all of its members. This is a free app for Apple IOS and Google Play.  Download it to gain access to properties in case you don’t have your card handy. This is great for showing property.


Your NRDS number (pronounced “nerds”) is XXXXXXXXX. Your NRDS number will give you access to the C.A.R. and NAR. websites.  It is also important when calling for services from C.A.R. and NAR. Visit www.car.org to register and setup your Zipforms account (all your state legal contracts) using you NRDS number above. 


Please make sure that you check with PSAR to ensure that you are scheduled for New Member Orientation. Orientation is a requirement of membership.  Please contact support@psar.org to schedule your Orientation. If Orientation is not scheduled within two offerings, membership is unfortunately terminated. Orientation South and Orientation East dates can be found here: http://www.psar.org/calendar

Rally and Ride & Rally and Ride Too

PSAR’s Rally and Ride marketing sessions are the best way to meet other REALTORS®, learn how to pitch and present properties, become part of the real estate community and bring real value to your clients. Enjoy free refreshments as you kick start your career on Wednesdays in Chula Vista and Thursdays in El Cajon.  Learn more here.

Gain access to the California Association of REALTORS® web page. 

Create an ID here. You will need your NRDS number provided above. Once you have an account, this is a good place to start and see some of the resources available.Zipforms and Free legal advice is provided through C.A.R.: http://www.car.org/members/memberbenefits/ymywbooklet/   

Gain access to the National Association of REALTORS® web page.

Create an account here. You will need your NRDS number provided above. Here is a good place to preview and take advantage of the NAR benefits.

Gain access to the Pacific Southwest Association of REALTORS®  web page

Go to  www.psar.org. PSAR’s benefits can be found here: http://www.psar.org/join-us/membership-guide You will find our Calendar here: www.psar.org/calendar. All meetings are open to all members. The only requirement is that you give notice prior to attending. Most classes and events are free. Some have a nominal fee and an increased fee when there is no pre-registration. Many events and classes have an early-bird fee at pre-registration. Registration is important so we can be prepared for you. To register for classes and events, you must log into the PSAR Internet Members Services page https://ssd.rapams.com.  Your login ID is your MLS ID provided above. If lost, your password can be found by entering your email address here. An email will be sent to you with login instructions.

Become a Fan of PSAR on our Facebook Page

PSAR promotes many activities and classes on Facebook. Our members and leaders are recognized through this venue. It’s a great tool for following the industry. Check here to become a fan and choose to follow PSAR and network with other local REALTORS® online.

Set up your Sign Printing, Storage and Installation Account

PSAR has a controlling interest in California Signs and Marketing based out of El Cajon. California Signs and Marketing prints signs on site, they store them in a local warehouse and then install the post and sign when you need it. If your Broker didn’t do this for you already, it’s important to get your signs printed and ready for your first listing. Sign up for an installation account here.To have signs printed call 619.258.2001 for help with your sign order.

Create your Free Listingbook Account

Use Listingbook to track what your clients are looking at.This free PSAR benefit hooks up with your Sandicor MLS account. Set this up today to improve your marketing. This free tool is very valuable. There are also paid upgrades available. Use the free version for as long as you like to see how well it works.

Create your Free REALTOR®  Property Resource (RPR) Account

RPR is an amazing tool. An account will give you access to statistics and property information and research that is only available to REALTOR® members. Don’t go out and pay for flyers and marketing material until you explore what NAR has created for you as a member benefit. Sandicor and MLS’s around America feed property information into RPR. RPR is fully functional for free.  Check it out here.

Billing Options and Dates

Option #1: Annual REALTOR® Dues and Annual MLS fees.  With this option, members can pay REALTORS®  dues and MLS fees to PSAR for the entire year and Sandicor Sentricard Key Fees to Sandicor by December 31st of the preceding year.

Option #2: Annual REALTOR®  Dues and Quarterly MLS fees. With this option members can pay REALTORS®  dues by December 31st of the preceding year. The Sandicor Sentricard Key Fee is paid to Sandicor by December 31st of the preceding year.  MLS fees are paid quarterly.  They are due by December 31st, March 30th, June 30th, and September 30th. Accounts are disconnected and reinstatement fees are applied when accounts are late.

Option #3: PSAR’s Simple Monthly Payment Plan.  This is the most popular plan PSAR provides for its members and the easiest plan to manage.  Open free enrollment for this plan is in June of each year.  Each month after June there is a fee that increases as the year progresses.  The member is charged on the last business day of the month for services provided the following month. A valid credit card must be used.  The member is responsible for maintaining updated credit card information.  For more information on the Simple Monthly Payment Plan see this link: http://www.psar.org/simple

For detailed fees on all plans, see this link.  http://www.psar.org/join-us/psarfees

PSAR Board of Directors

PSAR is a California Nonprofit Mutual Benefit Corporation.  Policy is set by a Board of Directors comprised of fourteen volunteer REALTORS®  and one volunteer Affiliate member.

Committee Volunteers

The policy is derived from work derived from committees.  If you are interested in helping shape PSAR, volunteering can be rewarding.  Please see this page, and fill out the signup sheet here. If you are not sure about what area you would like to volunteer for, you can always change your mind.  


Once the Board of Directors sets a policy, it is implemented by a paid professional staff which is supervised by the CEO.  The CEO is responsible for all staff activity.  If you would like to contact the staff, they can be reached at support@psar.org.  All staff monitor this email.  The CEO can also be reached at ceo@psar.org.

Rules, Ethics, Commissions, and Benefits

Legal Help all FREE

The real estate transaction is complicated.  Agents and brokers are exposed to many legal pitfalls.   To protect yourself, ask questions before getting into trouble.  Start with your Broker.  Review the C.A.R. Q&A.  If you have a question, it’s likely that many other had it too.  See the Q&A here. If you still have questions, call the C.A.R. Legal Hotline.  Ask questions first. If you are in trouble, call to find the best way to rectify the situation.  Information can be found here.

Ethics and Complaints.

REALTORS®  agree to abide by the Code of Ethics. If a REALTOR®  violates the code, a member of the public, or another REALTOR®  can file a complaint with PSAR.  The association follows a process that could result in a hearing.  If found in violation, the REALTOR®  could be warned, could be fined, could be required to take additional education or could be removed from the Association of REALTORS® . For more about the ethics complaint process look here.

MLS Rules

There are numerous rules for using the Sandicor MLS.  These rules exist to ensure the value and clarity of the MLS data.  Sandicor’s rules may be found here.

Commission Disputes

Commission Disputes are between brokers.  If you and another agent have an issue regarding a commission, contact your Broker immediately.  To learn more about who is entitled to a commission read these procuring cause guidelines from C.A.R.  If you have a commission dispute, as a PSAR member you are required to Mediate with the other Party prior to Arbitrating the issue.  PSAR’s process can save you tens of thousands of dollars in legal costs because as a REALTOR®  you agree to arbitrate instead of going to court.  To file for Mediation, follow this link.

Here is a list of Hotlinks that new members may need:

California Association of REALTORS®

National Association of REALTORS®


Pacific Southwest Association of REALTORS®

Pacific Southwest Association of REALTORS® Internet Membership Services Page

PSAR Calendar


PSAR Rally and Ride Sessions

PSAR Facebook page

PSAR Simple Monthly Payment Plan

Join a PSAR Committee

California Signs and Marketing

Sign up for sign installations


Sandicor Paragon Direct Login

Sandicor Information

Sandicor Rules



Download Drivers for Sentrilock

Download Sentrismart App Apple IOS and Google Play.


Zipforms from C.A.R.

C.A.R. Legal Q&A’s

C.A.R. Legal Hotline

Register for CAR Website


NAR Web Page

Register for NAR Website



CalBRE Elicensing

Realtor Property Resource FREE Account- Marketing Material, Free property data tools!

Listingbook Free Account

PSAR provides all of our members access to a FREE Tech Helpline.  A technician will help you with all of your technology questions and will help you with Social Media, hardware like smart phones, tablets and computers and all sorts of real estate related software.  FREE Tech Helpline Benefit for PSAR Members. Find out more here.