We asked our members and our staff, why do you like PSAR, or why are they involved with PSAR?  Here is what they said...

Carey GuthrieI feel so blessed in life, I have developed many, dear friends who are always eager to help me, each other, and the community through our work at PSAR.

Carey Guthrie

PSAR's members are like family to me.  Each day at work is always fun, you never know who is going to come in to say hi.  We do great things together, for our Association, for our industry and for homeownership.

Sally Valdez
Director of Operations PSAR

I like PSAR because. of the people.

Hector Zamora

Real estate allows me to earn a living and still give back to my community. That’s why I’m involved with PSAR,” said Minerva. “I want to make a difference in my profession and in the life of my family.

Minerva Garcia

I especially love PSAR because this organization understands customer service and what it means to be agent-focused. We have a very talented leadership team, a dedicated staff and we know how to have a good time having fun.

Darel Handley

I love the people, the members, the staff and most of all, I love helping people!   

Venissa Valenzuela
PSAR Membership Manager

We joineed with PSAR to invest in the ownership of California Signs and Marketing because PSAR is an organization that has built an amazing level of trust with its members, in the community and with us personally.  Together we are doing great things for the San Diego Real Estate Community.

Bob and Christi Browning
Co-Owners California Signs and Marketing