Simple Monthly Payment Plan

PSAR Monthly Billing Plan... Simple
More than 700 REALTORS now agree that paying monthly makes sense for them! This plan works for the career Realtor who plans on being in the business for more than a year.

Any San Diego County Realtor can join!  
Join using Hellosign Software here.   It explains the monthly details.  
Get ALL  NAR, CAR, PSAR and Sandicor MLS Benefits and Save $$. Transfer to PSAR for 2018  and SAVE.  PSAR has the lowest dues, the lowest MLS fees, and THE BEST personal service in San Diego County.

Either mail it, drop it off at PSAR or email it to  
Call us at 619-421-7811 or at 619-579-0333 if you have questions.  We are here to help.

Complicated - Never made sense.
  • Pay a key card fee of $84 every December 
  • Pay PSAR Dues of $105 
  • every December 
  • Pay NAR Dues of $185 every December 
  • Pay CAR Dues are $184 
  • Pay $139.20 in MLS (Sandicor and or CRMLS) fees to the Association quarterly
  • Pay a $24 voluntary RAF contribution 
  • Find a checkbook
  • Buy stamps
  • Need an envelope 
  • Forgot? Lost service, lost income, delays, embarrassment

Simple- Makes sense!
  • $94.40 Per month on auto-debit