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Quadrennial Ethics

National Association of REALTORS® (N.A.R.) Policy

N.A.R. adopted a policy where REALTORS® are required to complete at least four hours and thirty minutes of ethics training every four years. This is called Quadrennial Code of Ethics Training.

REALTORS® completing such training during any four year cycle shall not be required to complete additional ethics training with respect to this requirement as a requirement of membership in any other board or association.

Every board and association is required to provide access ethics training programs either locally, in conjunction with other boards and associations, or through other methods (including, but not limited to, home study, correspondence courses, or internet-based instruction).

Any training offered pursuant to this requirement must meet the learning objectives and minimum criteria established by the N.A.R. from time to time.

Pacific Southwest Association of REALTORS® (P.S.A.R.) Policy

After reviewing the requirements of this N.A.R. policy for members of the Pacific Southwest Association of REALTORS®, P.S.A.R. adopted the following policy which members can complete which will fulfill the requirements of this N.A.R. policy:

The ethics classes taken by P.S.A.R. members for the four-year renewal of their California Department of Real Estate Licenses will fulfill the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® Quadrennial Ethics Requirement. P.S.A.R. will not track these classes separately.

If a member wishes to take additional training, it may be obtained free of charge through the National Association of REALTORS® Quadrennial Code of Ethics Training: Existing members (NAR login required)