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Ethics Complaint

TO FILE AN Ethics ( disciplinary) or MLS COMPLAINT YOU MUST:

Complete, sign and date the Ethics or MLS Complaint Form and Code of Ethics , (Ethics complaints must be filed with the Association within 180 days of the time the complainant knew- or reasonably should have known- that the potentially unethical conduct took place).

Check the Article(s) of the Code of Ethics believed violated. The articles are illustrated through Standards of Practice, but the Standards of Practice may only be used as support for the Article(s) being charged. The Article number(s) must be cited.

Include a narrative description of the circumstances and facts surrounding the complaint, being as specific as possible.

Attach copies of all relevant documents such as listing and sales contracts, letters, etc. labeling these as Exhibit 1, etc.

Make 6 copies of the complaint package and forward it to the Professional Standards Administrator of the Association, which has jurisdiction over the complainant.

For more background information on Professional Standards from the California Association of REALTORS® follow this link.

For more background information on Professional Standards from the National Association of REALTORS
®  follow this link.
Richard D'Ascoli,
Oct 27, 2017, 7:50 AM