SentriSmart App Now a FREE PSAR Member Benefit

Introducing PSAR’s Latest Member Benefit: The  SentriSmart App FREE for PSAR Members!!!

Tired of having to renew your SentriCard every time you have to go out and show a property? 

The SentriSmart mobile application now gives you the chance to open a lockbox by just using your smartphone!

Features you can enjoy immediately just by downloading the SentriSmart App today include:

Mobile Access
Provides a means of lockbox access without any other devices other than your smartphone - no fob necessary!
Instant Showing Notification - quick feedback allowing for quick reactions and more sales
Lockbox Tools
Generate One Day Codes - Allow out-of-area agents, contractors, or non-card users

property access with secure codes
View Access Log - Know who showed your property and when at the touch of a button
Assign/Remove from Property - Assign lockboxes to properties allowing for improved inventory and showing notification reporting

How to Download (for FREE)
Phone Requirements - in order to install the SentriSmart™ application on your device, the device will need to meet ONE of the following requirements:
Go to the App Store Apple iPhone™ or iPad™ (iOS 6 or higher)
Go to Google Play Android™ Device (Android 2.3 or higher)

DISCLAIMER: This mobile application does not completely replace your SentriCard which you will need to set a Lockbox Clock or remove a shackle.

SentriSmart FREE PSAR Member Benefit

Screen Shots

Richard D'Ascoli,
Nov 3, 2014, 4:12 PM