One MLS?

Should Sandicor and the California Regional MLS (CRMLS) merge to give San Diego subscribers access to statewide information?

Please read this information and share your thoughts via a brief survey at the end.


There have been some discussions held regarding Sandicor merging with CRMLS. PSAR's Board of Directors would like to hear from Sandicor Subscribers and Realtor Members regarding this possibility. The Board is compiling input regarding members’ positions on this merger.

While PSAR only owns 10% of Sandicor, our Board believes it is important to have this discussion in order to make the right decisions for our industry. Avoiding the questions and neglecting the exploration of these ideas would be short sighted.

The PSAR Board of Directors wants to hear from you. This is your MLS; it's very important that you participate in the conversation.

Please review this web page and 
submit feedback through the survey link at the bottom of the page.

Advantages Identified by PSAR

How would a merger impact San Diego County MLS fees?

  • Local MLS fees should not change, or in fact should go down. Both Sandicor and CRMLS sell wholesale MLS to the Realtor Associations. The Associations act as the MLS service centers in assisting members. They purchase MLS for a wholesale rate and mark it up to cover the cost of providing MLS services to MLS subscribers. The wholesale rate Associations pay for MLS service is competitive between CRMLS and Sandicor. CRMLS may be slightly lower. As CRMLS continues to grow, wholesale rates should decrease. 
  • Currently associations in Los Angeles and Orange County have competitive MLS fees up to 60% lower than those in San Diego County.
  • There would no longer be a need to join multiple MLSs and Associations to access MLS's out-of-area.  This will incentivize referral business with out-of-area agents.

Geographic size:

Whether your brokerage is solely in San Diego County or you span the counties across Southern California (the LA Basin and beyond), you would have one MLS to subscribe to, which means:
  • one MLS rule set
  • one MLS IDX feed
  • no additional MLS fees
  • standardized data for your third party products
  • one MLS data feed for broker management systems
  • one data licensing agreement
It will support:
  • back office listing upload systems
  • the TRA’s Upstream system

Membership size

With a combined membership size of 75,000+ agents, CRMLS currently provides:
  • Tremendous additional exposure of listings to over four times the number of agents
  • The resources for agents to support clients across a great part of California
  • A broad array of MLS products included in the MLS membership fee
  • The economies of scale needed to negotiate beneficial terms for Realtors with the national portals like Zillow, Trulia and

Access to 85% of the listings in California

Reciprocal access and Data Share agreements beyond CRMLS and Sandicor provides access to data and MLS systems, increasing the coverage across California to about 85% of the state’s agents and listings. Within California, that adds the following:
  • MLSListings
  • Glendale
  • Pasadena
  • Sutter-Yuba Rapattoni MLS
  • Nevada County AOR
  • California Desert AOR
  • Outside of California – Hawaii Central (Big Island and Kauai)

Tools and apps as part of CRMLS

  • Choice of MLS system - Sandicor’s Paragon or Matrix
  • Clareity Portal and Store
  • AnnounceMyListing (AML)
  • AnnounceMyNews (AMN)
  • Cloud CMA
  • Cloud Streams
  • CRMLS App 
  • CRMLS Mobile Matrix
  • Paragon 5 Mobile
  • HomesConnect
  • ListHub
  • New Home Source Professional
  • Proxio Pro
  • Rate Plug
  • Realist 2.0
  • RealistValueMap
  • Realtors Property Source (RPR, requires Realtor membership)
  • Smart IDX

Technical support

  • Available 7 days a week
  • Local training
  • Videos and manuals

Simplified CRMLS governance

The CRMLS Board of Directors is elected pursuant to CRMLS’ bylaws and is made up of working Brokers and Agents. The Board consists of 15 elected seats, with 8 being elected directly by the member Associations and 7 by the Brokers. No member Association of CRMLS is guaranteed a seat on the Board of Directors, but all member Associations are eligible to have their Brokers and Agents elected. One distinction of the governance structure that CRMLS does not have is the additional layer of Shareholders’ approval that is needed by Sandicor in making nimble business decisions that further removes CRMLS from the politics, which may arise between Associations.

Committees, products and services selection

All of CRMLS’ services and products, changes and enhancements are driven through committees and groups of working REALTORS® and active Association Executives.
  • The Operations Committee is made up of producing REALTORS® who look at every change made to our systems and makes suggestions to the Board on ways to make our offerings the best in the nation.
  • The Association Executives Committee is tasked with providing feedback on specific Association and administrative needs to enable them to best serve their membership through their MLS offerings.
  • The Budget and Finance Committee oversees the budgeting of the organization and advises the Board on financial planning.
  • CRMLS forms focus groups and task forces, as needed, to ensure emerging issues are reviewed and that all voices are heard.

Lockbox services

Lockbox services are managed by the local Associations. Within CRMLS, most of the Associations offer Supra, however, a couple of the Associations offer Sentrilock. Sentrilock will continue to be the lockbox system for the three San Diego County Associations throughout its contract period. 

Disadvantages Identified by PSAR

Outside agents will have access to San Diego's market

  • There is concern about out-of-area agents coming into San Diego County to compete with San Diego County members. These agents with limited knowledge of our local market selling property in San Diego County may provide poor service and may present ethical issues. On the other hand, a merged MLS could increase referral business for San Diego County agents.
  • Agents/Brokers doing business outside their realms of expertise, knowledge & experience does more harm to clients and cooperating Agents/Brokers than simply referring to local Agents/Brokers. 

California is too big to be governed by an out of area Board.

Subscriber Comments from social media and email.  

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What would it take for a merger?

Sandicor is owned by three San Diego County Realtor Associations. Ownership is based on the number of members belonging to each association is San Diego County. The (Pacific Southwest Association), Greater San Diego Association (GSDAR), and North San Diego County Association (NSDCAR) are the owners of Sandicor.

A merger between Sandicor and CRMLS would require the approval of the President/ Shareholder from GSDAR and either President/Shareholder from PSAR or the President/Shareholder of NSDCAR.

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Please let us know your thoughts on a potential merger if one could be formed.

Richard D'Ascoli,
Mar 7, 2015, 4:37 PM