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PSAR 2016 Fees

New Members Please Call PSAR regarding new member application fees and one time password fees.

Transfer to PSAR.  It's easy. Download this PDF and you are on your way to the lowest MLS and REALTOR fees in San Diego County.

Monthly Dues, MLS, and key fees rolled into one
PSAR's Monthly Full Service REALTOR® Plan
REALTORS® in good standing at any local association in California may join PSAR's Simple Monthly Plan and pay only $89/per month starting in June of each year. Members on this plan save time and money.  No checks. No envelopes. No billing to follow up on. No dropped services.  Members on the monthly plan have money in their pockets during the holidays.

Regular Annual Dues
REALTOR® Dues are Prorated Monthly  The following are the costs for a full year.  
PSAR Dues are only $99
NAR Dues are $155
CAR Dues are $184

Quarterly MLS 
PSAR's Sandicor Full MLS Fees are prorated monthly on a quarterly basis:
$136/Quarter when on auto-pay or $144 when billing is required.

PSAR's Sandicor Assistant MLS Fees are billed on quarterly basis:

Sandicor's Agent/Broker Sentrilockcard fee is Prorated Quarterly or: 
$84 for a full year

Sandicor's Assistant  Sentrilock card fee is Prorated Quarterly or:
$60 for a full year

Affiliate Members
PSAR's Affiliate Fees are prorated monthly during the year. 
$99 for a full year.  New members pay a $75 Application Fee

Secondary Membership
REALTORs® who are members of CAR and NAR through another Local Association of Reatlors may join PSAR as a Secondary member.  Secondary membership fees are $99/Year and entitle the Realtor to all of the Realtor benefits of Primary Membership. Note that some benefits are tied to MLS service and are only provided to PSAR MLS subscribers.

Richard D'Ascoli,
Nov 2, 2015, 12:29 PM