Gov't Affairs

The Pacific Southwest Association of REALTORS® Government Affairs Program

The Pacific Southwest Association of REALTORS® has a Government Affairs Committee that is active in the East County and another that is active in the South County of San Diego.  These committees combined with Government Affairs Director Tracy Hollingworth form a GA program that focuses on protecting private property rights for home owners.

The Association also has a Local District Recommendation Committee that makes recommendations regarding local state and federal elections. PSAR has access to a number of California Real Estate related Political Action Committees. 

To get involved in PSAR GA program, please follow this link and follow the link to the committee information form to express interest.  Someone on the committee will reach out to you. 

Are you registered to vote?  Find out here

Join the REALTOR® Mobile Action Network
Enter your mobile phone number and your name in the space below to start receiving NAR action alerts. NAR will send you short text messages when we need your help. It's not a Call for Action, but rather a way to alert you to an impending CFA or to connect you with your Member of Congress for an instant call to relay vital information to him or her. If you have questions about the Mobile Action Network, please contact

REALTOR® Party Education

The National Association of REALTORS® is made up of more than one million members who vote, act and invest. Together, we form the REALTOR® Party. If you are a REALTOR®, then you are already a member of the REALTOR® Party.

This education resource page is designed to help REALTORS® understand what the REALTOR® Party is - what it does - and how critical it is for REALTORS® to come together and speak with one voice. Please help us support the goals and mission of the REALTOR® Party by downloading the materials and sharing them with your fellow REALTORS®.

When we vote, act and invest, we protect our businesses; we defend the dream of home ownership; and we promote REALTORS® as community leaders.


The REALTOR® Party is about REALTORS® working together toVOTEACT and INVEST to protect the Dream of Home Ownership, to build vibrant communities, and to promote a strong U.S. economy.

  • Vote is REALTORS® working together to protect REALTOR®interests by voting and educating voters about issues that affect property owners.
  • Act is REALTORS® working together to in support of policies and regulations that promote home ownership and the real estate industry.
  • Invest is REALTORS® working together to contribute to candidates who support REALTORS® and private property rights.