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CRMLS and Datashare FAQ

What is CRMLS?

CRMLS is the statewide Multiple Listing Service (MLS.) It is the largest MLS in the country with over 86,000 thousand subscribers, 35 Participating AORs/BORs/MLSs; 19 Data share AORs/BORs; 9 Reciprocal Access. Covering many areas within the state of California.

What is the Sandicor/CRMLS data share?

The datashare was established in May of 2017 between Sandicor and CRMLS. (It is not the “guest links” on the side of Paragon.) The datashare feeds CRMLS listings information directly into the Sandicor Paragon system. The datashare agreement between CRMLS and Sandicor enable Sandicor subscribers to transact in areas outside of San Diego. Sandicor listings now appear in geographic areas supported by CRMLS. The datashare does not include areas that CRMLS has other datashare agreements with.

My Brokerage already has CRMLS access through another Association, why do I need to set my offices up with CRMLS access through NSDCAR?

Setting up CRMLS through NSDCAR will allow your NSDCAR agents to choose which MLS service they would like to use.  Paragon, Matrix or both. Many agents prefer one system or the other.

Why would I want to add CRMLS?  I already have the data share through the Sandicor Paragon system.

Adding CRMLS to your services through NSDCAR will give you and your agents direct access to CRMLS to input listings as an “In Area” agent, use the CRMLS Community Field, and obtain a Supra key for showing property. CRMLS provides access to 19 MLS’s that have datashare agreements with CRMLS and not through Sandicor’s Paragon system.  Palm Springs, California Dessert, and large parts of Los Angeles share data inside of CRMLS but not with Sandicor.  CRMLS also provides free advance software tools like Cloudstreams, Cloud CMA, Cloud MLX, and Showingtime.  CRMLS is adding new tools and software regularly.  While many agents like the Sandicor Paragon System, others prefer Matrix.  NSDCAR members now have a choice.

How do I add CRMLS for my Brokerage, myself and my agents?

Adding CRMLS is quick and painless.  Just complete the simple application (this application is digitally signed through “HelloSign”)  to add CRMLS.  If the Broker already has access through another AOR, simply submit a letter of good standing along with the application.  You will not need to pay access fees as Broker Participant if you are already paying for CRMLS through another AOR. If you don’t already have CRMLS, NSDCAR is offering a low quarterly rate for Broker access. Once set up, any agents under your brokerage may add CRMLS for a low quarterly fee.

What happens to the Sentrilock system?

Sentrilock is the system of choice shared among the associations in San Diego and should be used on San Diego County listings.  NSDCAR has no plans in changing the lockbox system.

What lockbox system/service will NSDCAR be using for CRMLS?

For NSDCAR CRMLS subscribers, NSDCAR provides Supra IBox, ekeys through SupraWEB at all five of its service centers.  These boxes are for use in most areas outside of San Diego County.  

What is SupraWEB?

SupraWEB is a secure website that is available to all Supra key holders. Real estate agents who subscribe to CRMLS use SupraWEB to help manage their listing and showing information. Valuable showing data is accessible through SupraWEB so that agents can create reports for their clients, send updates about a particular listing to agents who recently showed that listing, or provide showing feedback.

Are there special features on SupraWEB for Brokers?

Yes, there are  features and reports in SupraWEB that are available to brokers. Manage keyboxes and run reports for keyboxes your organization assigned to your inventory, your offices’ inventory and the inventory of the agents that belong to those offices. The functions that are displayed in SupraWEB depend on the type of electronic key, key service, and features the association/MLS have chosen.

Do I need to have a Supra Key for my agents?

No, agents will have their own eKey app that can be set up at any NSDCAR Service Center.

What listing information does the datashare in the Sandicor MLS include?  

This datashare between Sandicor and CRMLS only provides access to listings these areas:  Arcadia, Burbank, Citrus Valley, Greater Downey, East Valley, Fresno, Inglewood, Inland Valleys, Joshua Tree Gateway, Laguna, Lake County, Madera,Mariposa County, Merced County, Montebello District, Newport Beach, North San Luis Obispo County, Orange County, Oroville, Pacific West, Palos Verdes Peninsula, Paradise, Pismo Coast, Rancho Southeast, San Luis Obispo, Scenic Coast, Sierra North Valley, South Bay, Southland Regional/CRISNet, Southwest Riverside County, The Inland Gateway, Tri-Counties, West San Gabriel Valley

The Sandicor datashare with CRMLS does not provide listing information from these 19 MLS’s. To gain access to all of this listing information, subscribers must join CRMLS: Beverly Hills/Greater Los Angeles, California Desert, Conejo Simi Moorpark, Glendale, Malibu, Monterey County, Pajaro Valley/Watsonville, Palm Springs Regional, Pasadena-Foothills, San Benito County, San Mateo, Santa Clara, Santa Cruz, Silicon Valley, Southwest Los Angeles, Ventura County

What are the “Guest Links” on the side of the Paragon screen?

This is guest access to the participating MLS systems. All agents use the guest access to log into the same user account so each guest can see client information and searches. The system is purged each evening so Sandicor subscribers may not save searches. Prospect or use of auto notification is not available in the guest access. Subscribers cannot enter listings through these links in the MLS. See instructions for listing input under the individual MLS