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California Bureau of Real Estate, FAQ

CalBRE Cheat Sheet

  1. Can I get a license? Probably, read these: and
  2. Can my broker pay my commissions to my unlicensed corporation? Sure, but read this first:
  3. Can I be paid referral fees? Probably, but read this first:
  4. What do I have to do if I’m arrested or convicted of a crime? Tell us. Read this:
  5. How do I file a complaint against an unlicensed person, a salesperson or a broker? Fill out and mail this form: OR file electronically here:
  6. Should I file a complaint? Sure; if it seems wrong, it’s probably wrong. 
  7. Does CalBRE investigate landlord-tenant issues? Usually not, but if you rent or manage or own a rental, you should read this:
  8. What do I disclose on my real estate advertising? Read this:
  9. What do I put on my mortgage loan advertising? Read this:
  10. Does CalBRE investigate habitability issues? No, it’s your City or County code enforcement department. 
  11. Can you explain hard money lending? Read this:
  12. Do HOA Association Managers need a CalBRE license? Probably not. If they collect dues, no; if they collect rent, yes. 
  13. Does CalBRE investigate HOA Association Managers? No, but the attorney general does some investigations:
  14. What type of real estate work can I do as an assistant? Read this:
  15. I’m a salesperson. Can I use my own fictitious business name? Sure, use this form:
  16. Can I use a Post Office Box (FedEx, Postal Annex, etc.) as my Main Office Address? No, unless the Post Office Box also has office space where you can regularly meet with clients and store your files. 
  17. I have a restricted license. What do I need to do to remove the restriction? Use this form: and read the Criteria of Rehabilitation on this form:
  18. Use elicensing for license changes: 
  19. How to I handle Trust Funds? Read this manual:
  20. I’m a broker. How can I make sure I’m correctly operating my brokerage? Read this:
  21. Where can I get more information: Our website: