Broker Compliance Portal

PSAR is responsible for the dues collection for the three Associations.  NAR dictates the rules that C.A.R. and PSAR must follow in order to remain a Realtor Association.  

REALTOR Brokers are responsible for ensuring that all of the agents underneath their licenses are one of the following.
1. A fully paid REALTOR member.
2. A fully paid Non-Member Sales Person (NMSP) in which case the Broker pays all assessment fees for the agent.  The assessment fee is $403 and  the agent receives no Realtor benefits. This non-broker fee belongs to the Broker not the agent.
3.  An agent who is working in a  Limited Function Referral Office (LFRO) 
4. A mortgage loan originator with an MLO endorsement on their license.

If an agent does not fall into one of the above categories, the Broker must remove the licensee from their Broker's license.  Not doing so, will force PSAR do drop the entire Brokerage from Realtor membership. Access eLicensing here.  Agents should be dropped from a license electronically. Brokers may also use DRE forms, but eLicensing is much faster.

PSAR has the lowest Realtor Dues and MLS fees in San Diego County. We are proud of this so we publish our fees in the public domain.

Resource to research and understand the variable dues formula more deeply.
2.  From C.A.R.  Variable Dues Formula Q&A 
3. PSAR's online tool for managing licensees under a broker to stay in compliance with the formula.

Broker Compliance Portal
To help PSAR Brokers and to simplify the compliance process, PSAR has subscribed to powerful software that makes complying with the variable dues formula easy.  

PSAR will email Brokers and any key staff designated by the Broker a list of active agents who are out of compliance.  The Broker or admin simply needs to manage this list and check off the appropriate check mark than certify electronically to ensure compliance.  This facilitates communication between PSAR and our Brokerage community.  Access to this tool is specific to each Broker and is gained through emails sent to the Brokers. Brokers and admins may access the tool here.

1. Brokers generally access the Broker Compliance Portal via an email sent from PSAR. Please make sure that is added to the Broker's white list on the Broker's email system.

2. If you need access and don't have an email access the tool here. Only staff authorized by the Broker or owner will be able to access this tool.  For access contact PSAR at and we will help authorized personnel gain access.

3. After following an email link, the screen below will appear. No more LFRO forms!  Simply check off one of the options below.  The Broker can choose one of the following options.
Will Join/ Renew - This means that the agent will pay dues to become a full Realtor member within 30 days.  They must comply with all bylaws and rules.
Will Remove from License - The Broker will log into eLicensing and drop the agent from the license immediately.
Will Pay Assessment Fee - The Broker will pay non-Realtor dues and the agent will receive no benefits.
Certify as LFRO Agent - No forms are needed.  Just check this box. Certification is at the bottom of the page.
Certify as MLO Agent No forms are needed.  Just check this box. Certification is at the bottom of the page.

4. The section of the form below is where verification is legally binding through the Broker's unique account.