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She was a member of the Chula Vista Dolphinettes

posted Jul 21, 2017, 3:23 PM by Joyce Evans   [ updated Jul 21, 2017, 3:24 PM ]
You may know PSAR REALTOR® member Yvonne Cromer as one of the newest members of PSAR’s board of directors beginning in 2018. In last month’s election, PSAR members selected the 2018 PSAR Board of Directors, including Yvonne, to serve during the 2018 calendar year beginning Jan 1, 2018. It will be her first time to serve on the PSAR board. Yvonne also was involved with the South County Charity Committee in organizing PSAR’s recent inaugural PSAR REALTOR® Games.
But did you know that Yvonne was a synchronized swimmer from ages 6 to 16? The Chula Vista native was a member of the Chula Vista's Dolphinettes, a competitive swim club that ended operations several years ago. At one time, the Dolphinettes were San Diego’s oldest swim program. They were prominent in the 1940s after Esther Williams, the sequined star of the seas, enthusiastically swam her way through water ballet sequences in memorable movies such as “Neptune's Daughter,” and “Million Dollar Mermaid.” Decades later, synchronized swimming premiered at the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles.
Yvonne attended an elementary school Southwestern Satellite that held classes at Southwestern College. Her father is a retired Chula Vista police officer. Yvonne attended swim practices at the Loma Verde Aquatic Center on Loma Lane and the Parkway Aquatic Center on Park Way, both still operated by the City of Chula Vista. “We would practice from 5 to 8 p.m. on weekdays and up to six hours on Saturdays,” Yvonne said. “It required a lot of dedication and our team did well at the competitions.”
While attending Hilltop High School, Yvonne was a member of the swim team and competed in backstroke and relay races. She also worked as a lifeguard at the Handlery Swim and Tennis Club that was part of the Handlery Hotel San Diego in Mission Valley. She also taught swimming at The Diving Locker in Pacific Beach.
After graduating from Hilltop (class of 1991), Yvonne attended the University of Utah. During Christmas break, she met her future husband Robert at a Christmas party held at a local hotel. “In order to impress me, Robert stole a three-foot-high reindeer decoration from the hotel lobby,” said Yvonne. “I guess he wanted to make some points. The reindeer later ended up in a friend’s front yard.”
Yvonne and Robert were married in 1997. On Aug. 9, they will celebrate their 20th wedding anniversary. They celebrated their first wedding anniversary and closed escrow on their first home while Robert was riding on a roller coaster riding marathon contest sponsored by a radio station (their REALTOR® at the time was PSAR member Pat Russiano).
For the first five years of their marriage, Yvonne was a stay at home mom. Then she got her real estate license and became a loan officer. She joined Robert in real estate sales in 2004. “His business was growing and he needed help,” said Yvonne. “We’ve been working together ever since.” They recently joined Coldwell Banker West.
While working with a previous real estate company, Yvonne directed an agent educational training program known as “McMillin U.” The program helped new licensees get a foothold in the business.
“I felt like I was the 'Mom' to all of these agents,” said Yvonne. “It was a source of pride knowing I was helping to shape their development and see all of my students find success.” Yvonne led the twice-weekly sessions and was available 24/7 for one-on-one questions and coaching opportunities.
Yvonne’s course covered such topics as intro to the business, learning the lingo, expectations as a professional, contracts, risk management and how to market one’s agent business. It was essentially a crash course in owning a small business and how to jump start on a career in real estate. “I helped them figure out what they were comfortable with and how we could explore that to develop their business,” said Yvonne. “The goal was to tap into their strengths so they could flourish in this industry.”
Yvonne and Robert, who reside in Eastlake, are raising two girls. Haley, 19, is attending the University of California Davis. She is majoring in Spanish and global studies. Her goal is to become a professor at a prestigious college and teach the language and culture that is true to her heart. Haley is on pace to finish her undergraduate work in three years and graduate in June 2018.
Hannah, 16, is attending Olympian High School in Chula Vista. She plays club soccer for the Rebels at the Elite level. Her team recently won the National Cup and the California Regional League. The team is currently ranked 26th nationally and first in Southern California in the Girls Age 16-and-under division.
“Now that Hannah has her driver’s license, I will have a more time to devote to PSAR and I’m looking forward to joining the board,” Yvonne said. “PSAR is an outstanding Association. The level of customer service provided by the staff is above and beyond. Our members are friendly, helpful and supportive. It will be an honor for me to serve.”