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She enjoys the hugs from PSAR members.

posted May 27, 2016, 4:00 PM by Joyce Evans   [ updated May 27, 2016, 4:01 PM ]
You might know Rosalina Osuna as a membership manager with PSAR. She works primarily at PSAR’s East County Service Center in El Cajon. She has been a PSAR staff member for nearly 10 years, since September 2006.
But did you know that Rosalina has a twin sister named Rosaura? The family moved to San Diego from Gilroy, Calif. when Rosalina and Rosaura were 14 years old. Gilroy in Santa Clark County is known as the “Garlic Capital of the World.” Rosalina said, “My father and mother wanted to leave working in the garlic business and start a new life in San Diego.” The girls attended Mission Bay High School and graduated from Crawford High School (class of 1998).
“At Mission Bay High, we both liked the same boy and neither of us knew that the other was chasing him,” said Rosalina. “Then, the boy picked my sister, not me. I was angry about it at the time, but now I’m over it.”
After high school graduation, Rosalina worked for eight years at the San Diego County Animal Control in Linda Vista. “I worked in the office and handled licensing, accounting, phone calls and paperwork,” said Rosalina. “I have plenty of pet horror stories to tell.
“One time our office took in a stray dog that was sick. We treated the dog and, after a few days, the owner showed-up to claim his dog. The man left with the dog, went to Costco, left the dog in a hot car and the dog died. He returned to our office, blamed us for killing his dog and threw the dead dog over the counter at us.
“Another time, a family picked-up a stray Yorkshire terrier and brought us the dog. After three or four days, they returned to adopt the dog. That’s when the dog’s original master showed-up and asked for their lost dog back. Too bad, we told them, because it had already been adopted.”
Rosalina is a single mom raising two boys, ages 14 and 4. The family lives in Lemon Grove and stays busy with youth sports activities. Rosalina enjoys spending time with her sons, her twin sister, who has an 11-year-old son. Rosaura and her son live with her mom, a resident of City Heights who recently retired after working for 30 years for Alsco, Inc., a provider of linens, uniforms, floor mats and washroom supplies. Her father passed away six months ago from cancer. Her parents had been married for 48 years. In addition to her twin sister, Rosalina has a younger brother. An older brother passed away in 1999. “Family means a lot to me,” said Rosalina.
“PSAR also feels like family to me,” she said. “Our members make our jobs very enjoyable. It’s a pleasure to serve them and provide them with the resources they need to be successful. Each one of them is special. I always enjoy all the hugs and hellos.”