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PSAR's 2016 President honors those who serve and empowers those who want to.

posted Oct 29, 2014, 5:23 PM by Richard D'Ascoli   [ updated Oct 29, 2014, 5:24 PM ]
As a first time attendee and incoming CAR Director I was thoroughly impressed with PSAR’s presence at the October 2014 CAR Meetings and expo.  Wow! It is amazing to see the REALTOR’s out in full force doing everything from attending educational events to making major decisions as to how real estate in CA and across the nation will be run.  I want to take a minute to enlighten you as well as reinforce our Regional Chair Pat Russiano’s message to the members (Please read if you have not yet).

As the incoming 2015 President Elect, I am thankful for the group I got to travel with which is the same group that represents our entire constituency at PSAR.  These folks are the movers and shakers that not only get regular business done but also volunteer a large portion of their time to better the way we all conduct business.  With our association being one of the smaller associations in the county we sure do have a powerful voice.  We also have a well respected leadership group.  I want you to be proud and help us grow our membership by talking to your fellow REALTOR’s that do not belong to PSAR about joining as we continue to grow in the right direction. 

 I know most members don’t understand how all this works and if you were like me at one point you really don’t care.  Many view the association that serves them as a necessary place where you must pay dues annually to be a REALTOR® and get MLS access to conduct business.  I promise you your career and respect for the business will change if you get the chance to see what your association and its leadership are doing for you at events such as C.A.R. Meetings.  
If you see real estate as your career for years to come I’d urge you to take an active role in at least learning what leadership does at meetings such as these.  I encourage you to find out what your annual dues go towards and how our money is spent. If you want to expand your knowledge of your industry and how it works behind the scenes, I recommend you attend as a guest sometime…and yes it is worth paying out of pocket for just to bear witness.  The opportunities that can be opened up for you to parlay into your day to day business are endless.  You will have the opportunity to meet and brainstorm with some of the states or nations most powerful leaders in our industry.  These are the folks that vote on and make changes which affect the climate of the industry in the future. If you see yourself having longevity in the business I’d say local level leadership is where you can start to protect your future and grow your business leaps and bounds. 

As you read all the reports our local leaders have provided and you wonder what all this means.  Keep in mind they are informing you on things that are of the utmost importance and are currently being discussed on a larger level.  These are all the ongoing and future issues that will directly impact your day to day.  Each association and their collective regions send their leaders to these meetings some of which are actually C.A.R. and or N.A.R. leaders as well.  These leaders get together to vote on and pass motions at the board level that have to do with rules, regulations, contracts (zipforms), technology, political support, and a whole lot more.  The groups are well represented and there are thousands of the industry’s best minds working together to better your working environment; protect homeownership rights, and advocate for you and your individual needs as professionals.  

I personally have no direct reports to provide and all the sessions that I attended are well covered by the other directors that have provided their notes to you.  Some of these folks have been at it for years and I urge you to ask them questions as they are the giants whose shoulders we stand on.  As your incoming President Elect for 2015, my promise to you is to carry on in the legacy and help take our organization to a higher level.    I hope that I can encourage all of our members to become more involved as it will only help you grow as a REALTOR.  Knowing that not all are accessible or open to involvement as long as I encourage at least one good candidate my job can be well done.  Please help me do my job and make sure that anybody that you feel should lead contacts me or our directors for a red carpet welcome into one of the most powerful groups I have had the pleasure of being a part of.  

Anthony Andaya
2015 President Elect of PSAR