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She sells homes and teaches Yoga

posted Oct 6, 2017, 3:52 PM by Joyce Evans   [ updated Oct 6, 2017, 3:57 PM ]
You may know PSAR REALTOR® member Priscila Rodriguez as a volunteer at large with the PSAR Budget and Finance Committee. As the fiscal arm of the Association, this Committee is involved with financial activities and oversees the annual operating budget and audit.
But did you know that Priscila will soon earn her certification as a yoga instructor? 
“Yoga offers a lifetime of benefits, including balance, self discovery and getting re-centered” said Priscila. “Life is like an ocean wave, when we resist we get knocked over. But, when we dive into it, we come out on the other side feeling refreshed, invigorated and truly alive. 
“As we deal with life’s normal struggles, sometimes we forget to breathe. The very essence of flowing air into the lungs and exhaling out helps the body function better and improves circulation and mental clarity. Yoga helps us to be kind to ourselves and be present in the moment with peace and awareness. I’m looking forward to sharing this gift and transforming the lives of many people.”
Priscila said she will soon receive her certification from Yoga Alliance, a nonprofit association. She has been attending yoga teacher training classes at CorePower Yoga in Point Loma. 
“Yoga fits with my holistic approach to real estate as a property matchmaker,” Priscila said. “Interviews with my clients reveal where they are in life and how I can find the right home for them based on their hobbies and lifestyle.”
A San Diego native, Priscila grew up in the South Bay. Her grandparents still live in National City. Her father attended Sweetwater High School and Priscila attended Chula Vista High School (class of 1998). “My dad is a Red Devil and I am a Spartan,” said Priscila, referring to the school mascots. She earned her real estate sales license while attending Southwestern College.
Priscila has a son Noah, 14, who attends Otay Ranch High School. Noah is involved in Tae Kwon Do martial arts and wants to attend college in Germany. “Two years ago, we took a trip to Europe and Noah’s world expanded greatly as a result,” Priscila said.  “My son now has new dreams and ambitions and a global mentality.” She said they both enjoy taking walks around Bonita Golf Course and at Rohr Park. 
As a real estate agent, Priscila views herself as a “community ambassador because we are promoting communities and sharing a sense of unity and harmony, we are more than just sales agents” she said. “Real estate allows me to share my talents and creativity. One of my latest new things are called `Gratitude Bags’ that are filled with candies and printed materials that are distributed at open houses.”
At PSAR, Priscila said she has appreciated the favorable receptions she has experienced from other members. “I love our Association because of the atmosphere of family and friendship,” she said. “I am accepted as the individual who I am. Each of us are unique and no can do or be what you are.  We have the freedom to express our creative outlets and not compare ourselves to anyone else. It’s a wonderful group to belong to.”