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Phone calls recruiting for other associations

posted Jul 9, 2014, 10:50 PM by Richard D'Ascoli
At PSAR all members are treated equally
Dear PSAR Members,

The PSAR Board of Directors and I appreciate you and your membership in your association.  We are all in this business together and our business association reflects our efforts to work together.

Today I learned that our neighboring association, GSDAR is cold calling our PSAR members offering a discount of $50 this year and $50 next year for PSAR members to transfer membership away.

The PSAR Board of Directors continues to keep dues and MLS fees $62/year lower than GSDAR by focusing all association resources on serving PSAR members. PSAR does not collect dues from one member to spend dollars on members from other associations. Doing this wouldn't benefit you. Your dues dollars go into providing service for you!

All PSAR members enjoy a great value for MLS services and benefits at PSAR. If a new REALTOR® member wants to join PSAR, we would love to have them as part of our association. All new members receive the same great value that our existing members receive for the same great pricing. No more, no less!

Thank you for your membership,

Bob Olivieri
2014 President