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Part 3 - Reports from California Association of REALTORS® Board of Directors Meetings January 16-19, 2018

posted Feb 15, 2018, 1:35 PM by Joyce Evans   [ updated Feb 16, 2018, 10:42 AM ]
Jeff Campbell, 
Past PSAR President, 
Former C.A.R. Executive Committee,
 C.A.R. Region 30 Chairman

Dear Fellow REALTORS®,

As your C.A.R. chairman of Region 30, I am proud to introduce to you Directors 5 and 6 of our C.A.R. delegation. These very accomplished individuals offer excellent information that I believe you will enjoy reading their reports. Should your office like a C.A.R. Statewide update, please notify us and we will be happy to have a director come to your meeting to offer a brief rundown of issues at hand.

Here is the third series of continuing accounts from C.A.R. -

Nikki Coppa began her volunteer journey in 2004 by completely restructuring and running the PSAR weekly marketing session and caravan. She was named as PSAR’s REALTOR® of the Year in 2007 and again in 2011 when she also served as PSAR’s President. Nikki’s statewide experience began in 2008 as a Director at C.A.R. After serving on various committees through the years, she served in her first leadership position in 2013 when she served as the Regional Chair for Region 30. Her penchant for contracts becoming obvious; she was appointed to serve on the Standard Forms Advisory Committee and Forum on Forms as the Vice-Chair in 2015, and the Chair of both in 2016. In 2017, she was appointed to a three-year term on C.A.R.’s coveted Strategic Planning & Finance Committee, then ascended to Vice-Chair of that committee in 2018. Nikki went National in 2017 when she began a 2-year term as PSAR’s N.A.R. Director. In her spare time, Nikki sells real estate and manages the Century 21 Award office in Rancho San Diego. 

Anthony Adaya is a REALTOR® with Coldwell Banker and is past 2016 PSAR Association President. He currently serves C.A.R. as a Region 30 Vice Chair as a 2018 Executive Committee member. 
As PSAR's youngest president at 32 years of age, he accredits much of his rapid success in organized real estate to great predecessors and help from the Young Professionals Network (YPN). After finishing local presidency and getting a taste for C.A.R. he decided to run for a directorship and was voted in as a 2017 and subsequently 2018 director. During his 2017 director year, he received his first C.A.R. leadership position as the C.A.R. YPN Vice Chair. Incoming2018 C.A.R. leadership appointed him to serve as one of the 17 C.A.R. Executive Committee members. This honor is a large step in the right direction for Anthony as he aspires to one day be C.A.R. President. 

Nikki Coppa, 
Past PSAR President, 
Former C.A.R. Regional Chair
Vice Chair C.A.R. Strategic Planning & Finance Committee

Three times a year, your Directors attend C.A.R. Business Meetings. We listen, we discuss, we debate, and then we take action on behalf of REALTORS® throughout the state of California. The unique thing about the Winter meetings is that gives us a glimpse of the issues we believe will gain momentum throughout the remainder of the year. Unfortunately, it looks like 2018 will be a year filled with political challenges. Although a repeal of Costa Hawkins was shut down prior to the meetings, it is a strong belief that another bill to do such will likely surface before the end of 2018. On a positive note, the Tax Portability Initiative that California Association of REALTORS® is attempting to get qualified for the November ballot is gaining very strong momentum. If you have not signed the petition yet, or want more information, please contact PSAR or me and I would be happy to talk about it with you.

This year, I am the Vice-Chair of the Strategic Planning & Finance Committee. This committee is often referred to as the” brain trust” of the organization. We gather 6 times throughout the year to determine what strategies need to be implemented in order to best serve the membership. Two significant things that will be available this year are the Office Manager Certification and the Team Leader Certification. These programs were born is an effort to help better educate Team Leaders about employment and supervisory issues and to help companies better prepare their managers to deal with agents and supervisory duties. One of the most exciting initiatives launched by SPF is the WomanUP! movement. This initiative is an attempt to better balance the ratio of women in leadership roles in our industry. The second WomanUP! conference will be held in Los Angeles from June 27th through the 28th. I will personally be attending and would love to see you there. Men and women are welcome; give me a shout and I can give you more info. 

Part of the joy of volunteering as a California Association of REALTORS® Director is watching things happen because a member spoke up. I continue to remain significantly involved with the Standard Forms Advisory Committee, and after the December release, I have now seen 6 significant form changes happen because PSAR members spoke up and asked for changes. As always, I will encourage you to speak up, get involved, or reach out to your Directors, as we serve as your voice at the meetings.

Anthony Andaya, 
Past PSAR President, 
Assistant Regional Chair, 
C.A.R. Executive Committee

First and foremost, thank you to all PSAR members for allowing Region 30 and PSAR to be represented by such an amazing team of dedicated leaders. We are fortunate to have our own region at C.A.R. and we are making the best of all opportunities to make PSAR/Region 30 stand out in the eyes of state and national leadership. We have been blessed with the good fortune of having four of our directors in committee leadership positions, which is a good indicator that we are working hard at C.A.R. and bringing back good recognition to our Region in the eyes of our state association leadership. 

Aside from having the good fortune of helping lead our state organization, I personally feel honored to represent Region 30 as a member of the executive committee. There are 17 members including the leadership and CEO that get this honor for 2018. All committees report up to Exec. And decisions to bring motions to the body are all made at this level. It is a true honor and one that is not to be taken lightly. My experience as a member of Exec. was amazing as well as enlightening. My big takeaway and what I’d like to share on the local level is that all we do despite whether members like it or not is all for the better of our entire industry. REALTORS® are often averse to change but in a rapidly changing society and industry that is a target for disruption, you can rest easy knowing that you have some of the brightest minds working toward the best interest of the REALTOR’S® and clients we serve. If members are upset about things its often on us to educate them on what goes into making these large decisions. All our directors take their positions seriously and are always happy to educate you if you need.

The tax portability initiative was the talk of the town for these meetings. As many of you may know already C.A.R. in the Fall Business meetings passed a motion to embark upon a historic effort to increase homeownership opportunities through a ballot initiative that will allow seniors 55 and up to keep all or most of the Proposition 13 tax savings when they move. The idea behind this is that we will free up much needed affordable inventory for the younger generations to purchase by allowing seniors to move up and keep their current property tax basis the same on a new purchase within CA. Many REALTORS® are having heartburn over the dues increase this initiative triggered. This idea was highly contended with views from all sides during the fall meetings but in the end, the vote went in favor of embarking on this mission and now it is time to set differences aside and move together lock and stride as REALTORS® in making sure our efforts and money are well spent. You can find more info at the link below and you can expect PSAR/Region 30 to mobilize its members to go out and get signatures, so we can get this on the ballot for 2018. 

Homeownership and Housing Committee updates:  Two action items out of Housing
  1. C.A.R. “Sponsor” legislation to expand the housing accountability act to include accessory dwelling units and that the department of housing and community development be reimbursed by local governments for the cost associated with enforcing state law. This passed. 
  2. That C.A.R. “Sponsor” AB1759 (McCarty) to gradually condition access to local government transportation funds on the implementation of their housing element. The basis for these two motions is that many counties are not adhering to state law regarding ADU’s and in order to force them to participate there has to be a bigger stick holding the carrot. 
YPN:  There were no action items. The group is a forum and provides great help and to younger professionals looking to get the tools and knowledge necessary to be active in the REALTOR® associations, The Real Estate Industry, The communities they serve, and Peer to peer networking. This group continues to make strides in producing the leaders of today and tomorrow on behalf of local, state, and national chapters. They hosted a great forum with a panel of professionals moderated by N.A.R. president Elizabeth Mendenhall, they hosted a how-to YPN seminar explaining to local chapters how they can improve upon what they have already built or how a local AOR can start a network. They also hosted a successful networking mixer during the week as well. 

The other key issues at these meetings were as follows: 

Fall-out from tax reform | 
Search:  “Tax Reform” in the search bar for more info.

Rent Control | An ongoing issue that we can expect to continue battling for years to come. | The oppositions views:

Impact of Rising Mortgage Rates |

Agent Productivity:  C.A.R. is always looking for new and innovative ways to keep agents productivity high and to add value to REALTOR 0174 members. See for example of how C.A.R. is adding value built into your dues. At this link, you can get 45 hrs of free continuing education that will help you out when it comes time to renew your license. Take advantage of this folks! 

C.A.R. Legal Foundation | C.A.R. agreed to form a legal foundation to help proactively combat actions that may not be in the best interest of housing, real property rights, and the real estate industry. More to come on this. 

The Pathway Project | C.A.R. is embarking upon a mission to potentially re-develop the C.A.R. headquarters in L.A. and to add affordable workforce housing, low to moderate income housing for Veterans, as well as space for employees and members, and much more on this project. The hope is that this project will serve as a template that other local associations can use on land/buildings they may own as well. More to come on this too. 

Legal Updates | New legal updates can be found at

I will close by saying if any of you members want to learn more about C.A.R. or how you can participate please do not hesitate to ask. We are here for you and on behalf of you. Thanks for your support!