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Part 2 - Reports from California Association of REALTORS® Board of Directors Meetings January 16-19, 2018

posted Feb 8, 2018, 9:06 AM by Joyce Evans   [ updated Feb 8, 2018, 10:39 AM ]
Jeff Campbell, 
C.A.R. Director, 
Past PSAR President, 
Former CAR Executive Committee, Region 30 Chairman

Dear Fellow REALTORS®,

It is a pleasure to represent you, along with my esteemed team, as a voting director at the California Association of REALTORS®. I am honored to be chairman of this talented, and accomplished group known as Region 30.

Here is the second series of continuing reports from CAR.

Merrie Espina represents one of the Freshmen to our CAR Directorship. As a REALTOR® with Coldwell Banker, she jumped right in with both feet running and has brought enthusiasm to our entire region.

Norma Scantlin is a veteran of CAR having served and continues to serve on the following committees: GA (1995 to present), Finance (1998 to present), Building (2001 to 2005), ESDCAR REALTOR® of the year for 2007,   Strategic Planning (2001 to present) and Education (2003 to present). She has served on the Board of Directors from 1999 to 2011 and 2012 to 2018. 

Norma was the Chairperson on the C.A.R. Manufactured Housing Committee in 2007, served as the C.A.R. Membership Committee Chairperson in 2016 and is currently serving as the C.A.R. Membership Committee Vice Chair this year. She was also asked to serve on the Sandicor Budget and Finance Committee since 2015 to present.
Should your office like a CAR Statewide update, please notify us and we will be happy to have a director come to your meeting to offer a brief rundown of issues at hand.

Merrie Espina, 
Past PSAR Director, 
Freshman C.A.R. Director
My first assignment as C.A.R. Director in Monterey, CA was a well spent and rewarding learning experience. I had the privilege of spending time and learning with a group of awesome, helpful and friendly people in the industry. 
My sincerest appreciation to Pacific South Association of REALTORS®’ leaders who held my hands as a first-time attendee. I felt the warm welcome being a part of the team who volunteered valuable hours to make a difference and help the membership and homeowners. 
I had a choice to attend to my assigned meetings only to report informative issues I learned. However, I immediately realized, I accepted my position to learn as much as I could, not only to enhance my awareness on issues/matters I needed to explore.  I felt the obligation to learn and share as much as I could from those meetings to bring back to the membership. It gave me great pleasure that I was able to attend multiple meeting each day and still able to keep in touch with clients as time permitted.

Housing Affordability Fund Committee
  • My first meeting was interesting that got my full attention as I learned how California Assoc. of Realtors embraces the need presented to them by different associations to help the deserving residents of their community when needed.
  • I learned to keep the momentum of educating and informing our peers on the importance of REALTOR® Action Fund.
  • REALTOR® action fund- needs 920,000 signatures to qualify by Feb 28th (R.A.F & Tax Portability Initiative)
  • Plays an active role in addressing ongoing housing affordability crisis facing our state. H.A.F. will raise and distribute funds in partnership with local associations and other groups to promote housing and ownership. 
Investment Housing Committee 
  • Discussed Costa Hawkins Rental Housing Act (rent control) 
  • Policy committee - to develop C.A.R's housing policy in the rental segment of CA housing opportunities. It has the original jurisdiction to evaluate housing legislation and regulation in fair housing opportunity multifamily and property management
MLS Policy committee
  • Data sharing - multiple MLS sharing data
  • Consolidation - bring all data services into one organization
Expert Witness Forum
  • A very early and informative forum where different cases were addressed/presented by the legal team
  • Brokers act through real estate associates (what role are the agents playing)
  • Attorneys seek to find standard care.  When you give an opinion, you have to provide a foundation.
Global Real Estate Forum
  • Discussed international buyers, census, states where investors buy homes, Visa waiver program, FIRPTA, networking with global agents
Public Policy Form
  • Welcome the return of DRE
  • Transactions, teams, signage, social media, pocket listing, dual agency, training available to new licensees, knowledge of laws and regulation, disclosure, etc.
Board of Directors/Session
  • A great way to end the memorable meetings

Norman Scantlin, 
GRI, SRES, SFR, e-Pro, 
2018 PSAR Director, 
Past PSAR President, 
C.A.R. Director
Have you heard of Portability, Costa Hawkins and Split Role? 
These are three topics which will be very important to you as a REALTOR® in the next few months. All of us need to make sure we, as REALTORS®, understand these issues well so that we are able to tell family, friends and our clients about their potential impacts. 
CAR has launched an effort to collect signatures to place a measure on the November 2018 ballot that will allow portability of property tax from a current residence to a new residence for homeowners who are 55 years of age or are disabled. When the measure is adopted by voters, thousands of seniors, who are currently “locked into” their homes by low property tax rates, may purchase a home and blend their prior tax bill with the new property tax rate of the replacement home. The benefit to homeowners is that seniors will not see a giant increase in their new property tax bill when they buy another home and the homes they sell will free up housing inventory for young families seeking to buy a home creating thousands of additional annual homeownership opportunities. Be sure to sign the ballot petition at the PSAR offices to qualify this ballot measure for the November election.
Costa Hawkins is an issue that the California Association of REALTORS® introduced in 1995 to fight rent control. AB 1506 would have repealed the landmark Costa Hawkins law that limits the ability of local governments to impose aggressive rent control. The California Association of REALTORS® defeated this legislation that would have enacted statewide rent control in early January, but efforts are underway to put Rent Control on the statewide ballot in November. Statewide rent control would stifle investment in both the construction and sales of rental properties. For more information, go to and search for Costa Hawkins. 
Legislators and local governments have been trying to amend the tax rates for commercial properties (Split Roll Tax) when owner partners sell partial ownership of properties which does not trigger a full tax reassessment of commercial and investment properties. Local governments feel that they can reap more property tax dollars by changing the tax rate for commercial and investment properties if the law were changed to reassess the part or percentage of the ownership that changes.
CAR’s current policy is to oppose the establishment of any type of split roll property tax system.  A split roll property tax system does not tax all real property in the same manner. Differences in taxation are based on the tax rate, reassessment date or owner residency.
Watch for another potential ballot measure or new legislation to establish split roll tax levels. Keep your investment clients informed so they can talk to their Legislators about a cloud this change would put on future investment property sales.