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Paragon v5.58 Release on May 3rd!!!

posted May 5, 2017, 4:26 PM by George Ching

NEW CMA Presentation Set Up and CMA Preference Wizards.  

The default options from the CMA Presentation Setup has been added to the CMA Preferences Wizard.  Users will now have the ability to set the default options for the Comparable Report, CMA Summary, CMA Comparable Property Statistics and CMA Seller's Net Sheet.

               Colab Center Updates:

  • Updates are now retained until new updates are available.  Prior to 5.58, when the client clicked on CC2 notification link they would be taken to CC2 site and would see the updates.  Instead of clearing the updates we will retain those updates until a new update is triggered. 
  • Code adjustments have been made to improve the speed of overall performance of the dashboard when switching filters.
  • Swiping on Photo within the CC2 Detail view has been fixed.
  • Loading Spinner added so user knows the system is working.

    Listing agents will have a product to give their sellers that will allow them to monitor their listing within the MLS.
  • Showing the number of emails, and searches their listing has appeared in.
  • How many have marked it as a favorite, possible, rejected or undecided.  
  • Real Estate Agent Views vs Prospective Buyer Views 
    • ALSO COMING - Colab Center Pro for AGENTS
      The new responsively designed web based solution includes the ability for Agents to have access to all of their Paragon contacts and their contacts' CC2 sites, including the ability to edit contact information.  Agents will be able to search listings as an agent and the ability to access and edit their Paragon searches on the go. Giving Paragon a better mobile experience on smart phones and tablets.