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Paragon Update v5.63

posted Mar 14, 2018, 12:38 PM by Richard D'Ascoli   [ updated Mar 14, 2018, 1:50 PM by Joyce Evans ]

Paragon v5.63 Release March 14th
Google replaces Bing in Paragon and Collaboration Center! Although there are differences in mapping functionality, users should enjoy the benefits of more up-to-date maps throughout Paragon. In addition, street view is included as part of the normal Google mapping features.

For more information, access to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and more, Black Knight MLS created a dedicated website to showcase the powerful Google Mapping updates in Paragon and Collaboration Center.

Send Listings as PDF Attachments: Users are able to choose a group of listings and report views to attach to an email as a PDF file. The maximum length of the PDF file allowed is 20 pages. Only the manual Paragon email process has been modified. Also note that the HTML attachment type was removed from Paragon emails.

Visible Notification to complete Errors/Warnings in Listing Add/Edit: When creating a listing and/or converting a partial listing to a standard listing, Paragon will display a pop-up message anytime an error/warning is found. This helps call attention to the often overlooked warnings/error grid at the bottom of the screen.

Address Overlay: When searching for properties in Quick Search, Property Searches, and entering listings in Listing Input Maintenance, the address fields display field mask overlays indicating the information to input in those fields.

Agent Photo on Info Page: Agent photos uploaded via the Preferences menu will display with the agent’s information on the Agent information page when clicking the agent name in reports and listings. If no photo is available, the image will display the default image per the MLS. The Agent photo is also included in the Agent Maintenance screen for MLS Admins.

Collaboration Center Address Search: The location search control is updated. The “Radius” tab is relabeled to “Address”. The address field will now allow you to type in an address to search. Also, a zero has been added to the radius scale and is the default address value. Consumers can also conduct an address search or a radius search using the same control. 

Collaboration Center School and Neighborhood Charts Updated: Collaboration Center is upgraded to include new School and Neighborhood charts powered by Onboard. Onboard widgets provide access to detailed information on properties and communities in the U.S. Onboard widgets are 100% responsive and contain a wealth of information.