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How to Win a New Client: The Uncommon Approach

posted Dec 21, 2017, 4:47 PM by Joyce Evans   [ updated Dec 21, 2017, 4:48 PM ]
Here is the latest in a series of occasional articles by PSAR members on the topic:” How to Win a New Client.

By PSAR REALTOR® Member Reshia Guarnotta

I’m glad to share with our PSAR REALTOR® members a couple of ideas about winning a new client for life.


One of my favorite ideas I will describe as “Tell the World about the Most Exciting Property Ever.” The process begins with searching the MLS for that special listing. By special listing, I mean the house that you can get the most excited about. This type of property could be the home that seems to have it all or is undervalued. The next step is to contact everyone in my sphere and ask them if they know someone who might be interested in this rarely-available opportunity. I will tell everyone, “This type of home is so hard to find. A home like this doesn’t come available on the market very often, and I have to find a buyer for it cause it is just too cool not to!” Then, I will throw some of the sizzle features of it as my Facebook status, such as, “I found this crazy awesome house, the type that I hardly ever see for sale.” I likely won’t even disclose the address. 


Granted, the majority of home shoppers I contact will not be interested in that particular property, which is likely to draw multiple offers and sell for far beyond the listing price. Still, my efforts are likely to stimulate or reignite the conversation about real estate. In addition, my phone call will convey my own personal excitement about the real estate profession, create top-of-mind awareness and reinforce the message that I know value when I see it and can spot a good deal.


Another idea is to find a buyer at an open house. I love open houses. You will often hear me say, “All you need is one buyer for that open house to be a success.” Every person who attends an open house is a potential prospect. You likely will not sell them the house you are holding open, but you can use the details of the property to find out more of what they are looking for. I like to mention a property that I 
“saw this week” and see if it happens to match their search. I will set the appointment with them right then and there to show them that house. Even if I don't have the exact property in mind, I know I can find it. This idea works best when you research and preview the homes available in the area. Ask lots of questions to find out what the home shopper is looking for. And always, always have a property in mind, but don't give out an address. Instead, tell them you will call and make sure it is still available and that it does have everything they mentioned on their wish list. My main goal is to set-up a follow-up appointment later on and establish a new relationship.


Finally, another idea is to start the morning off with networking. I love to go to the PSAR “Rally and Ride” caravan meetings. It’s great fun to dialogue and network with other like-minded, successful professionals. Showing up makes you stand out and create top-of-mind awareness. It’s a great way to preview properties and talk up your listings or find the perfect house for your new client. Plus, for me, it’s a hoot because I technically go by three different names, “Tyreshias,” “Reshia” and “Ty.”


We work in a wonderful industry. It’s an honor to help people and a chance to do good. Every day there’s something new and I never stop learning.

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Reshia Guarnotta was recently honored with the PSAR 2017 East County Broker of the Year award. In 2017, she assisted in the launch and has served throughout the year as co-facilitator of PSAR’s “City Pitch,” a weekly marketing pitch session for properties located within San Diego city limits. City Pitch is held at 9 a.m. on Tuesdays at Bash Boutique, 3821 32nd St, in San Diego’s North Park area.