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How I Saved the Deal: "Whatever it takes"

posted Jan 19, 2018, 1:25 PM by Joyce Evans   [ updated Jan 19, 2018, 1:39 PM ]
Here is the latest in a series of occasional articles by PSAR members on the topic:” How I Saved the Deal.”

By PSAR REALTOR® Mike Anderson

In real estate sales, the goal is to help people move, whether buying that new home or selling the current one. However, I’ve experienced in my real estate career predicaments when in order to save the deal and help people move, it was necessary to help people move -- literally.

You’ve heard the phrase “whatever it takes,” which may refer to achieving goals for calls or meeting clients, door knocking or caravan visits. But, in my case, more than once, “whatever it takes” meant pitching in to help a seller finish packing and loading personal possessions, even lifting boxes to the back of a moving truck. Once, my sellers had lived in their home for several decades and had raised their family there; especially for the mother, moving became very emotional, even debilitating. So, in order to save the deal, I had to step in and do “whatever it takes,” which, in this instance, was helping the son and movers finish packing boxes and wheeling them out to the waiting truck.

With another client, “whatever it takes” meant arranging for home repairs, landscaping improvement, termite tenting and even bat remediation. It was a vacant home and the escrow closing date was fast approaching. The seller, who lived out of town, needed to remove trash and personal items from the property, sod a new lawn, complete agreed-upon repairs and schedule pest control services. Unfortunately, the help the seller expected didn't materialize in time.

So, in order to save the deal since the buyers were eager to move in, I had to step in and coordinate jobs with my favorite contractors for home repairs, landscaping, and trash removal. A huge key to saving deals in real estate sales is maintaining close relationships with firms who are trustworthy, professional and honest, and who, at times, can be called upon at the last minute. 

In addition to this particular deal, I was certainly surprised with the results from the termite inspection. Not only did the home have termite infestation but also several dozen bats lived in the attic.

Did you know that not all termite companies also handle bat removal? I learned quickly that most termite companies are hands-off when it comes to wildlife bat removal and control. For a time, this situation was driving me cuckoo, or should I say “batty.” Fortunately, I found another company that did an excellent job. The company sprayed a chemical that encouraged the bats to leave, followed by cleaning the bat droppings on the attic floor and sealing up entry points and openings in the attic.

The best advice I can give to any REALTOR® who wants to save the deal is to have a wide variety of people ready to call upon when surprises happen. Also, keep in mind that sometimes it requires putting on work gloves and jeans to do “whatever it takes” to save the deal!