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His family’s summer home in Maine was haunted by ghosts.

posted Jan 16, 2015, 4:35 PM by Joyce Evans
You might know Bob Olivieri as PSAR’s 2014 president. His leadership during the past year was marked with industry insight, sensitivity and focus, including many behind-the-scenes efforts that protected PSAR’s members’ interests. Among his many successes included improved relationships with brokers, new benefits to members, effective political advocacy and a greater presence for the association on a statewide level.
But did you know that Bob and wife Marcia hike up San Miguel Mountain nearly every Saturday morning? It takes about two hours to complete the 3.5 mile, up-and-back climb with an elevation gain of about 1,765 feet. The trail is narrow dirt and at some points very rocky.
“But, the eastern and southern views are stunning,” said Bob, 58, who lives in Chula Vista’s Rolling Hills Ranch community and catches the bottom of the trail at Butterfly Court and Iron Gate Lane. “At the top you can see Otay, Tecate, El Capitan, Sweetwater Reservoir and Downtown San Diego. Plus, we wave at the commercial jet pilots who use the peak as a landmark for final approach to Lindberg Field.”
Bob grew up in Providence, Rhode Island, which means his favorite professional sports teams include the New England Patriots, Boston Red Sox and Boston Celtics. He is the youngest of four children with two sisters and a brother. Both his parents were teachers, but they also had other jobs. His father was a professional trombone player for several orchestras and his mother was a dancer. They spent their summers at cottage home overlooking the Atlantic Ocean at Port Clyde, Maine, and this home was haunted with a ghost.
“Our summer home was built in the early 1800s on top of an older home that was owned by a sea captain who was lost at sea in the mid-1800s,” Bob said. “His widow died waiting for him to return. We really didn’t care very much whether the home was haunted. I occasionally heard footsteps, but my sister actually saw the lady who was wearing a nightgown.”
In 1976, when he was age 18, Bob and his family’s summer home were featured on a nationwide TV show called “In Search Of…Ghosts,” hosted by Leonard Nimoy. Here is a YouTube link to the episode,
Later, in September 1993, the home was destroyed by a fire. The summer home has since been rebuilt and Bob’s sister and brother now own it.
Bob also owns property in Maine. He owns a one-acre parcel overlooking the ocean near Marshall Point. He plans to build a retirement home on the vacant lot. Bob figures he is the third owner of the property since the American Revolutionary War. “Lucy Knox, the wife of General Knox and Fort Knox fame, was the first owner after King George of England lost it,” said Bob. “Then, the Marshall family owned it for over 125 years before it was acquired by Russell Porter, a world traveler and professor who traveled on expeditions with Admiral Perry and designed the telescopes at Mount Palomar and Mount Wilson here in California. Then, our family acquired it in 1947, and my grandmother later gave it to me.”
After high school, Bob, a discus thrower, attended the University of Michigan on a track-and-field scholarship. He earned a bachelor’s degree in engineering, specializing in naval architecture and marine engineering. After college, he moved to San Diego to work at National Steel and Shipping Building Co. (NASSCO) from 1981 to 1989.
In 1986, while still at NASSCO, he started selling real estate on a part-time basis. After NASSCO, he joined General Dynamics Space Systems division and worked from 1989 to 1992 on the Atlas and Centaur launch vehicle programs. While at GD, Bob earned an MBA from the University of Phoenix. 
In 1992, Bob joined McMillin Realty as an agent, but then left real estate in 1994 to work as a financial advisor with Prudential Securities and several banks, including Glendale Federal, Home Savings and Washington Mutual. In 2003, he returned full-time to the real estate field to manage a Realty Executives office. In 2010, Bob joined Peter Mendiola, who serves today as president of Coldwell Banker West, a dominant player in the San Diego real estate industry with more than 300 agents.
Bob and Marcia have three grown children, including a daughter who works in healthcare, another daughter who is an entertainer. She recently performed as a singer and dancer at Universal Studios in Singapore, and will soon embark on Royal Caribbean’s Allure of the Seas cruise ship as a performer in the Broadway musical “Mamma Mia.” They also have a son who attends UCSD and is majoring in physiology and neuroscience.
In addition to being a sports fan, Bob collects Christmas ornaments made by Hallmark. His collect exceeds 500 ornaments. He also collects miniature lighthouses figurines. In his office, he has a replica of the Marshall Point lighthouse with a home that looks the same as the family’s summer cottage at Port Clyde.
“It’s been a very busy year, but very rewarding to serve as PSAR president,” Bob said. “Our association is stronger and more relevant today because our dedicated members adhere to the highest professional standards. The course is set for a highly successful 2015.”

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