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He can answer your question in Spanish, English and maybe Japanese.

posted Dec 30, 2016, 11:11 AM by Joyce Evans   [ updated Dec 30, 2016, 11:13 AM ]
You might know George Ching as PSAR’s education manager. The always-smiling George, who has worked with PSAR since June of 2012, can be found serving REALTOR® members and affiliates alike at both the PSAR South County Service Center and East County Service Center.
But did you know that George, 27, who has lived in Chula Vista since age 1, played violin in the orchestra at Rancho del Rey Middle School and Eastlake High School? “Our instructor selected Disney songs for us to learn so we would get invited every year to perform at Disneyland and then spend the rest of the day going on the rides,” said George. “I loved going on field trips in school.”
Since George studied Japanese in high school, he also took field trips with classmates to the Japanese Friendship Garden in Balboa Park. “Once we went to a museum in Los Angeles in the Little Tokyo area to learn about Japanese history,” George said. He speaks Spanish, English, and some Japanese.
George’s dad, Nicholas, a native of China, was raised by George's grandfather in the South American country of Colombia. George’s mom, Irma, was originally from Mexico. They were introduced through Irma's uncle. “They eventually got married in Mexico and then moved to Washington, D.C., where my dad finished college. But, then, they decided to move to San Diego for the warmer weather.”
George has a younger brother, Edwin, age 26, who was born in San Diego. “We looked like twins when we were younger, our haircuts even looked the same,” said George. “One time when Edwin was in kindergarten and I was in first grade, I was scolded by a teacher for leaving the kindergarten area because she thought I was him.”
After high school, George attended San Diego State University as a full-time student and graduated in 2011 with a bachelor’s degree in economics. After college, he served as an intern with the South County Economic Development Council (SDEDC), and was later hired to work on events and a research project. “I became acquainted with PSAR while I was at the SDEDC and was later hired to fill an opening here,” said George.
In his spare time, George enjoys walking around Otay Lakes, hiking up Cowles Mountain in the summertime and bicycling along the Silver Strand. He also enjoys playing video games.
“Cowles Mountain is a very steep hike for me, it’s like doing lunges with dumbbells all the way up, but the views of all of San Diego are beautiful once you get to the top,” George said. The 1,594-foot-high Cowles Mountain, the highest peak in the city of San Diego, offers a 360-degree panorama of San Diego County. A popular hiking destination at Mission Trails Regional Park in San Diego’s San Carlos community, the 3.2-mile ascent on the main trail features an elevation change of about 950 feet.
George said he enjoys PSAR because of the positive energy he sees from members on a daily basis. “I notice that everybody has the same mindset, they’re self motivated and upbeat about their work and their relationships,” George said. “The positive energy is contagious. You can’t help but smile around here.”