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Changes in Paragon

posted Aug 23, 2017, 9:40 AM by Richard D'Ascoli   [ updated Aug 23, 2017, 9:41 AM ]

Paragon v5.60 Release Today, August 23rd!!!

Preference Wizard updated to Include User Preference Options:

  • Assume Identity
  • Time Zone
  • Display Property Address on Hyperlink View

Listing Maintenance (LIM) Improved Interface:
Action Labels have been updated to have friendlier labels, such as "Listing" will now appear as "Maintain Listing." The model that displays when a listing has been successfully saved to the system has been updated to appear with a "Congratulations" message along with recommended additional steps for additional actions the user can do to the listing.

Last Search: Timestamp now Included in Display:
The Last Search functionality has been updated to include the date and time of when the search was last performed.  
Last Search currently set to last 5 Searches will now increase to the last 20 Searches.

Collab Center Updates:

  • The New Welcome Email Template  
    A new welcome email template has been created for the Collab Center. This new template contains helpful information and directions on how to use this site.  Along with this helpful information, the template is responsive and will adjust to desktop and mobile applications.

  • New Message and Link Added to Emails Regarding Upcoming Improvements: 
    A new message and link will be included in all Collab Center Agent and Consumer notifications that will allow the recipient to a preview of the future enhancement to CC2 Notifications that will be included in the October release.

  • Introducing the New Combined Display getting ready for "Sell Side"
    The layout of the Collab Center has been updated to a new design that better arranges the various items displayed on the dashboard and makes certain features more visible.It has also been enhanced to have a combined look for both the Buy Side and the New Sell Side (coming in October)  The new display allows the end user to quickly switch between their Buy Side options and their Sell Side information without having to use the menu icon.  The help overlay has been updated to reflect these changes.

CC2 - Sell Side - coming in 5.61
Currently, the new Sell Side of Collaboration Center is still in "Beta" and is being tested by other MLS accounts who use Paragon.  Sandicor will be adding Seller Activity to Collaboration Center in October.

Remove HTML Formatting:
In preparation for future enhancements to the Collab Center (CC2) Notifications in the 5.61 (October 2017) release, enhancements were made in this release that will affect the overall Preferences for the Message Body functionality. A change has been made to remove the HTML formatting in the Message Body function which is also used in the legacy E-mail Notifications, Collab Center Notifications, and manual Paragon e-mail functions. Although the verbiage will still display, the images, links and custom formatting will no longer display for Message Bodies. Common changes seen are trademark symbols, quote signs and apostrophes.(see your individual MLS message sent on 8/21 for more details)