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She helps others with PTSD.

posted Jan 13, 2017, 3:56 PM by Joyce Evans   [ updated Jan 13, 2017, 3:57 PM ]
You may know PSAR affiliate member Cheryl Alvarado who has served on PSAR’s East County Government Affairs Committee since 2001. “I believe that private property rights need to be protected and anything that increases the costs of buying or selling a home needs to be opposed,” said Cheryl, who has worked in the title insurance industry since 1993. “It’s a comfortable feeling to stand on your own ground. Land is about the only thing that can’t fly away.”

But, did you know that she drove in a car race in the Mexican desert when was in her early 20s? “When I was young, our family was involved in the Baja race circuit for several years,” she said. “My dad was a pit crew member for Corky McMillin’s racing team and my brother and I were co-drivers of a souped-up Volkswagen bug in one of the Baja races. I won’t tell you how far back we finished.”

Also, in her late teens and early 20s, she was an aerobics instructor at 24-Hour Fitness, back then called "Family Fitness" and was a cashier at a Vons grocery store. At age 19, something horrible happened at Vons. She was accosted by a robber with a gun who demanded money. “Around the same year as the hold-up, my apartment and car also were broken into,” Cheryl said. “As a result, I developed a low-level case of PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder). I held it inside for years. Finally, at age 49, I started counseling, which has helped tremendously in recent years.”

Born in Altus, Okla., Cheryl has lived in the East County since age 5. She lived in the same home growing up and graduated from Monte Vista High School (class of 1979). “I’ve been working at various jobs since about age 14,” she said. “One of my first jobs was cash register operator at the Sea Otter Gift Shop at Sea World.”

After high school, she attended Grossmont College, earning an associate degree in marketing, followed by a bachelor’s degree in marketing from National University. She worked for a law firm and also sold display advertising for an East County community newspaper and a monthly magazine for about 10 years before starting her career in title insurance. She has worked with Stewart Title since 2011. She has raised two twins, a boy and girl, now age 28.

In addition to working in title insurance, she has spent a lot of time in activities connected to her church, Skyline Church in El Cajon. “I have served at my local church since 1997 in various positions, ranging from choir member to homeless ministries and healing ministries,” she said. “For the past four years, I have led a women’s Bible study and recovery group that supports whole healing of mind, body, and soul. I’m also part of a prayer team that is praying for our East County elected officials. Interceding for those in authority is not an option. It is a biblical command. Prayer is our best hope as our country faces complex and dangerous challenges in such tumultuous times.”

Cheryl met her husband Anthony at a singles group meeting at church. They were married July 30, 2011. “Yes, I can say for sure that it’s possible to find love the second time around and expand your family,” Cheryl said.

Speaking of family, that’s how Cheryl sees PSAR. “It’s a family to me,” she said. “Our members are honest, transparent, responsible, accepting and very helpful and our association leaders are committed to supporting the members and helping everyone to succeed. We were never meant to go through life all alone. With a community of people and relationships, you can get through anything. People always do better in a group than we do on our own.”