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Best Practices: Love advice for REALTORS®

posted Feb 2, 2018, 12:21 PM by Joyce Evans   [ updated Feb 2, 2018, 12:24 PM ]
Here is the latest in a series of occasional articles on “Best Practices” for PSAR members from 2018 PSAR President Jan Farley.

Welcome to February. In the spirit of Valentine’s Day and Saint Valentine of Terni from the 3rd Century, let’s consider how REALTORS® can be more lovable. Beyond the routine gift baskets,
box of chocolates, and handwritten notes, how can our Association’s members receive the devotion, emotion, and respect they deserve from their adoring fans? What can REALTORS® do to receive the worship and appreciation that you can literally take to the bank? Here are a few suggestions on how PSAR members can be more lovable.
  • Make trust a priority.
    A major objective for any REALTOR® who wants to be loved is to establish trust between themselves and their clients. Trust is the starting point that sets you up for long-term success. Clients are looking for dedicated and professional partners during their life-changing, home buying-or-selling decisions. When you show your clients respect, they’ll learn to trust you. To build trust, establish rapport, find common ground, speak and dress with propriety and be competent and professional. Until trust is established, you cannot expect your client to be open to sharing their own interests and needs. Failing to address their needs will result in you focusing only on your own.
  • Be yourself.
    Authenticity can go a long way in developing adulation. Forget the pretending, role-playing and superficiality. Being authentic requires both courage and humility. It means facing our fear of exposure and rejection. So, why would anyone take such a risk? Because it’s the best way to be authentic and genuine. A key to authenticity is knowing your own strengthens and weaknesses and do what you’re good at. Then, your job will become more enjoyable and you’ll be more effective. For example, if you’re better communicating with people one-on-one or in small groups, then take a client out to dinner or coffee or host a small dinner party with a few clients and their spouses at your home instead of hosting a huge client party with your entire database.
  • Listen carefully.
    The most lovable REALTORS® love to listen. They ask relative questions and listen for understanding. Only by listening will you discover the prospect’s needs and wants, beyond the superficial, surface-level, shallow chit-chat. Listening carefully will help you look for cues in body language, tone of voice, and word choice to “hear” what’s left unsaid. Answering questions fully will help you make sure their needs are being taken care of, specifically those gut-level, heart-to-heart needs. As a result of listening, the prospect will give you their connection points as well as permission to engage in selling. Clients can spot a phony, they know when you’re just babbling a bunch of bull.
  • Be reliable in your actions.
    Everyone loves the person who they can count on. So, be the person who keeps their word and does what they promise to do (that means returning calls promptly). Everything you say has an impact. What you say matters, so be intentional with your conversation (when can they expect a return phone call; what’s next in the transaction process). Keep your clients in the loop, even when there's nothing to report. 
  • Focus on the customer experience.
    Remember, your clients do not breathe, eat and sleep real estate. You can foster love and happiness by exceeding their expectations and creating experiences that they will remember and treasure. Referrals come not only from satisfied clients but also appreciative, passionate and enthusiastic ones. The same goes for your fellow agents who will remember how pleasurable it was to work with you. Excellent customer experience does not end when the ink dries. Make it a goal to create touch points that result in long-term partnerships with clients and fellow Association members.
  • Enjoy being a problem solver.
    Your clients will have a soft spot in their hearts for you when you anticipate and resolve concerns that could affect their buying decision. They will especially love you, plus respect you when you tell them that a buying decision is not in their best interest. Even the smoothest transactions can be stressful. Education is the key. Explain clearly the time schedule for milestones ahead. Checkin frequently. Make it a personal goal to call them before they call you. 
It’s true: At times, buyers and sellers and be far too irrational and emotional. But, remember, you are helping families make big, important decisions about where they live. It’s both a privilege and a responsibility.