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Attention....Paragon v5.57 Release on April 5th!!!

posted Apr 5, 2017, 8:48 AM by Joyce Evans   [ updated Apr 5, 2017, 8:49 AM ]
****New Mobile Listing View from Paragon!****

A new mobile view has been implemented when Listings are emailed out of Paragon.  This new Mobile view has a responsive design that is displayed when the system detects that the Listings sent are being viewed on a mobile device. When users and contacts receive an e-mail from Paragon containing a hyperlink to manually e-mailed listings or e-mail notifications and access the link via a smartphone or tablet, they will automatically be presented with the new Mobile friendly view.
Here is a User Guide for help with the new mobile view:  User Guide
Here is a Quick Video for help with the new mobile view:  Quick Video
  • Price Range Option added to the Comparable Price Analysis on CMA
  • City and State added to listing expiration notice emails.
CC2 Updates:
  • Dashboard counts filtered results based on the saved searches
  • Listings not loading after initial 6 results - Fixed
  • Email for agent notification options are now being sent consistently.
  • Favorite/Possible/Rejected System folders counts are updated
  • Ability to remove a listing from a custom folder
  • Additional Information added to the mobile thumbnail view
  • Property history now sorts newest to oldest instead of oldest to newest
  • New "Contact Me" agent social media links
  • Zoom in/Out and Pan controls added to CC2 maps
  • New help link added to CC2 for consumers
  • Agent Image now changes everywhere from previous agent images
  • Ability to set a listing back to "Undecided"
  • Ability to filter data on mobile view by vVarious parameters
  • A map of the listing location has been added in the mobile detail view.
  • NEW! Profile image for contacts
  • Rename search activity folder -  In preparation for our new "Sell Side" feature for CC2, the "Search Activity" folder, found within a contact record, has been relabeled to "Buyer Activity".
  • Export contacts - Ability to export all contacts.
  • Listing converted from "Subject Property" is displaying the price change arrow.
  • Chrome email fix
  • Ability to use "Hotsheet Spreadsheet" with "Auto Hotsheet Search"