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An update on bills signed into law by the governor.

posted Sep 2, 2016, 8:06 AM by Richard D'Ascoli   [ updated Sep 2, 2016, 8:06 AM ]

As of 9/2/16 - 2016 C.A.R.-Sponsored Bills - Status Recap:  
C.A.R.-sponsored bills signed into law by the  Governor.

AB 685 (Irwin) Real Estate Law Cleanup - Existing Real Estate Law contains outdated terminology that does not reflect both genders. This bill would make some technical but much needed corrections, which include eliminating references to “salesman” and “salesmen” and instead replacing those with “salesperson” and “salespersons,” respectively. AB 685 is the first in a series of cleanup measures that C.A.R. will be pursuing to update the Real Estate Law.

AB 1650 (Frazier) Uniform Advertising Standards - Existing law varies greatly depending on the type of advertisement (i.e., “for sale” signs, print and electronic media, business cards, brochures, etc.) and the name being used by the licensee (i.e., given name, nickname, team name, etc.). This bill will require a licensee conducting advertising of ANY kind to also include their CalBRE license number and responsible broker’s identity. Company “for sale,” lease or rent signs would only be required to contain the responsible broker's identity. “Open house” and directional signs without a reference to agent name would be exempt from this requirement. This bill also includes a one-year delayed effective date for implementation.
AB 1750 (Dodd) Clarification of Definitions - This bill would clarify that environmental hazard booklet provisions applied to a seller of real property apply equally to a lessor of that property. Current law does not clearly apply the rule to landlords and property managers. Use of the guide to common environmental hazards will remain voluntary.

SB 710 (Galgiani) Real Estate Licensee Advertising: Definition of Responsible Broker - Existing law establishes clear advertising standards for real estate licensees using “team names” and defines “responsible broker’s identity” (i.e., company name) for advertising purposes. SB 710 will correct a drafting error that required the listing of a company name and a responsible broker’s license number on all “team” advertising. To correct that error, this bill requires the company name or both the company name and number to be listed.

C.A.R.-sponsored bills pending on the Governor’s desk:

AB 2476 (Daly) Parcel Tax Vote Notification - Under current law, resident property owners receive notice of proposed parcel taxes with receipt of their ballot pamphlet while non-resident property owners do not receive any notice whatsoever. This bill would have required a city, county or special district (e.g., hospital districts) to provide notice to non-r
esident property owners within 30 days after a vote by the district’s governing board to place a proposed parcel tax on the ballot. The bill as amended provides notice of a parcel tax to non-resident property owners after a parcel tax has been approved.