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FREE! Now you can "Turbo Tax" the TDS, SPQ, AVID.

posted Jul 20, 2018, 12:48 PM by Joyce Evans   [ updated Aug 2, 2018, 1:35 PM ]
Today, PSAR is excited to announce the introduction of the latest member benefit.

PSAR has entered into a partnership with Glide Labs, Inc., a San Francisco-based provider of real estate software solutions, to provide PSAR members with the free use of the company’s popular Glide Forms application, an innovative system for completing the TDS, SPQ, AVID and other disclosure forms securely online. Glide Forms is distributed through a partnership with zipLogix™ and is embedded within the zipForm® Plus transaction management system. REALTORS® who are PSAR members can access Glide Forms free of charge via zipForm® Plus.

As REALTORS®, we’ve likely all experienced client disclosure form errors or slowness that adds an unwelcome hiccup to an otherwise agreeable process,” said Jan Farley, 2018 PSAR President. “We’re looking forward to incorporating the Glide Forms to alleviate those roadblocks and make the transaction process easier for clients. We’re proud to make available this tool to our members at no additional cost.”

My background outside of real estate includes working as an IT consultant and IT manager, so I will be interested to see how Glide forms can help us complete disclosures quickly and accurately,” said PSAR REALTOR® Mike White, chair, PSAR Technology Committee. “Sometimes, when forms are completed manually, important disclosure information can be overlooked, which is an issue that Glide is designed to solve.”

When a real estate agent’s client sells their home, the owner is required to accurately complete and submit a number of deal-critical disclosure forms. As agents know, this means that sellers are presented with forms containing complex legal language that often proves confusing and challenging to complete. As a result, these documents are commonly submitted with incomplete or inaccurate information, causing frustration and needless delays in the transaction process.

Glide Forms addresses these legacy issues through its TurboTax-style wizard that home sellers can use to accurately, quickly, and painlessly complete required paperwork, such as the Transfer Disclosure Statement and other California disclosure forms, through an intuitive all-digital interface. Glide Forms provides a TurboTax®-like wizard that allows sellers to answer questions in plain language and complete required disclosure forms more quickly and more accurately. The wizard asks home sellers questions about their properties in plain language, making it clear how to disclose important details through user-friendly, conversational interactions.

In addition to eliminating the frustration of often-confusing forms and delays due to missed questions, unreadable handwriting, and other common issues Glide Forms allows agents to track their clients’ progress and digitally receive the finished forms as soon as they are completed. The purpose-built solution is also optimized for mobile use.

We cannot wait to eliminate this massive headache for all PSAR members and their clients,” said Sebastian Tonkin, CEO, Glide. “Selling your home is hard enough without having to complete complex forms by hand. Now every association member has access to a free and reliable solution they can share with clients.”

Below is a video that also explains this new PSAR member benefit:

Completing the TDS and Seller Disclosures Online

Glide provides software solutions that help real estate agents simplify their transaction process, reduce risk, and close more deals with less effort. The company’s first release, Glide Forms, is integrated into zipForm® Plus and allows California home sellers to complete required disclosure forms electronically for the first time ever.