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Unless the escrow closes, the wedding is off.

posted Apr 21, 2017, 4:51 PM by Joyce Evans   [ updated Apr 21, 2017, 4:51 PM ]
You may know PSAR REALTOR® member Anthony Manzon as a recent honoree of a National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) 2017 “30 Under 30” award. The 28-year-old PSAR member from Chula Vista has been involved in PSAR’s Young Professionals Network (YPN) group. He also is involved in the community with several charities and nonprofits.
But did you know that Anthony and future wife Regina were so confident in themselves when they started in real estate that they were willing to cancel their wedding if they did not succeed?
“We motivated ourselves by deciding that we’re either going to succeed in real estate or we’re not going to have a wedding,” Anthony said. 
Anthony and Regina met when they both were attending the University of California at Santa Barbara. They graduated in 2012. Anthony, a native of Cerritos, Calif., moved to Chula Vista in 7th grade and graduated from Otay Ranch High School (class of 2007). 
“In April 2013, we both decided to go all-in with real estate and we set the wedding date for a year later, in April 2014. We used most of our savings toward getting our real estate licenses. In September 2013, we received our license and had a grand total of about $1,000 in our savings account left for living expenses. From September to April, I did open houses every weekend, and most weeks even did four or five open houses a week. Failure was not an option and there was no way we were not going to hit our goal. Just three weeks before the wedding, we were able to close enough transactions to pay off our wedding in cash and go on two amazing honeymoons.” 
After the two honeymoons, one to Costa Rica and another to Puerto Vallarta, Anthony’s success in real estate continued, which was part of the requirements for earning the NAR “30 Under 30” award. Criteria for the “30 Under 30” award includes sales production, business management, leadership involvement in the community and support for their local Association. Candidates are successful in their real estate business and have demonstrated skill, success, creativity, and leadership in their careers.
In Anthony’s first year, he won the 2014 Rookie of the Year award, finishing with 13 transactions representing $5.5 million in volume. Production in 2015 totaled 34 transactions, representing $16 million; in 2016, it was 51 transactions representing $22 million. 
Among NAR’s 1.1 million membership, an estimated 50,000 members are under age 30 and eligible to be nominated for the award. In January of this year, more than 300 young professionals applied for this year’s honor. An independent panel of judges paired this year’s “30 Under 30” applicants from 300 to 100 to 50. Then, REALTORS® across the country participated in the selection of the top 30 honorees by casting online votes from March 17 to 24. A grand total of 39,934 votes were cast in the online contest. The “30 Under 30” honorees were announced at the end of March.
According to Anthony: “I never had a full-time job before real estate because I was a professional break dancer. I spent all my time practicing and traveling for competitions in New York, Florida, Chicago, Seattle, Nevada and throughout California. I owe a lot of my real estate success to my breakin’ career. In breakin,’ I learned discipline and hard work. Success was never going to be given to me. I use this same approach in real estate. The most important thing breakin’ has taught me is to always be myself and I will attract the people and clients that I enjoy working with.”
Anthony is known as “The Break Dancing REALTOR®.” He said, “At open houses, I bring my boombox, play old school music, and dance. Clients love that I am professional and that I am being myself. When I learned to incorporate my natural personality with professionalism, my business exploded.”
Anthony and Regina have a one-month-old son named Cejay (pronounced “C.J,” named in honor of Anthony’s late brother Christopher James). “It’s great to be new parents, but we’re not sleeping a lot,” Anthony said. 
Anthony credits the support of PSAR members for his “30 Under 30” award. “I’m grateful for every member who voted online for me and the support of the Association. It has meant the world to me to win. I will cherish this award for my entire career. It’s a tremendous, amazing privilege. I hope to be an inspiration to others, especially minorities.”
Anthony said he is managing his real estate sales team members based on examples he has witnessed at PSAR. “PSAR is such a great Association with members who are friendly and the staff is so responsive. I’m trying to model my sales team after what I’m seeing at PSAR, friendliness, accessible and great communications.”