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The head-spinning President

posted Nov 13, 2015, 4:04 PM by Joyce Evans   [ updated Nov 13, 2015, 4:05 PM ]
You might know Anthony Andaya for his recognizable handlebar mustache. Anthony will be installed at tonight’s installation dinner as 2016 PSAR President.
But did you know that Anthony was a break dancer in high school and performed with a break-dancing troupe at nightclubs?
“I grew up playing all the sports I could,” said Anthony, who was team captain of the football and soccer teams. “Also, just for fun, I belonged to a break dancing crew and we would perform at nightclubs in our small town. At that time in my life, you would have found me spinning on my head.”
There’s the tie-in for the theme of tonight’s sold-out installation celebration: “Breaking Into The Future, a head-spinning event you won’t want to miss.”
Anthony lived for 10 years in Muscatine, Iowa (population: 32,000), located along the Mississippi River. The native of Stockton, Calif. lived in San Diego until his parents separated at age 8, and Anthony and his mom then moved to Muscatine. Anthony moved back and forth between San Diego and Muscatine until he was 14 when his parents got back together. Today, his parents still live in Muscatine.
Growing up, Anthony always wanted to return to San Diego. Three days after high school graduation, Anthony moved to San Diego. He attended Mesa College and later graduated in 2010 from San Diego State University with a dual degree in psychology and real estate. “While in college, I belonged to the Real Estate Society, which helped me get a job after college at a REO firm. I worked there for two years and it was a great learning experience.” Today, he is affiliated with Coldwell Banker West.
Anthony grew his mustache three years ago during November as part of the annual “Movember” effort that raises awareness for men’s health, including research funds for prostate cancer and testicular cancer. His business cards state: “You Mustache Me About Your Real Estate Needs.”
His mom is Irish (her maiden name was Carnahan), his dad is Filipino, but many people think he’s Hispanic. “My background helps me to better appreciate the freedom and opportunity we have in the U.S. to work hard and earn with limitless potential,” said Anthony. “Real estate is a great job because it brings me happiness to help others accomplish their housing goals. PSAR is a great organization because of the caliber of our members and how our small-but-mighty voice reaches the upper echelons of our industry.”
Prior to serving as PSAR’s president, Anthony served as president of PSAR’s Young Professionals Network (YPN), a networking group that helps young real estate professionals excel in their careers by giving them the tools and encouragement to become involved in REALTOR® associations, the real estate industry and community.
“I feel fortunate to have the opportunity to serve as one of our association’s youngest presidents ever,” said Anthony. “Much of this I attribute to being surrounded by great folks like our members, as well as the YPN members.
“My promise is that I will honor this position and its ancestry while leading and progressing our association the best way I can. I will bring new perspectives to our industry because I am a millennial career REALTOR® who has full intentions to stay in this industry for a lifetime. Our industry is filled with some of the brightest and most talented leaders and I am humbled to be invited to be a guest at that table. As the torch is passed to me by our current president Carey Guthrie I truly look forward to running with it in style. This is just the beginning of my uphill run and I look forward to ascending to the peak with the help of all of our members.”
Anthony said, “This will be a year of growth for PSAR as our volunteer leadership has done an outstanding job of earning some higher level leadership positions at the state and national levels. With great leadership, we can anticipate a growing number of eager followers with whom we look forward to leading and providing endless opportunities. PSAR will continue to provide all San Diego County REALTORS® and affiliates with a level of service that is nothing short of phenomenal. We will continue to strive for excellence within the association arena. We will provide our local members with the comfort, protection and local voice they will need in order to remain some of San Diego’s finest REALTORS®. I look forward to `Breaking Into The Future’ with all of you.”