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Volunteer Opportunities at PSAR

The success of any Association ultimately depends upon the contributions of its members.  The Pacific Southwest Association of REALTORS® relies upon the dedication and service of our REALTOR® and Affiliate members.  By participating on a committee, each member helps to guide the Association by recommending improvements and overseeing programs and expenditures. Ideas that are discussed at the committee level become motions, which then are brought to either PSAR’s Local District Councils or the Board of Directors for consideration. 

Share with us a little of your time and experience....the return on your investment will surprise you.  Your connections will develop into long term mutually beneficial relationships, and business opportunities. 

When you become an active team player, you're an important and integral part of a group of over 2,000 professionals committed to real estate as a profession.

The Association is calling for Committee Volunteers now.  Your input is important.  Let your voice be heard.

If you’re a PSAR REALTOR® or Affiliate member, and are interested in serving on one of these standing committees, please fill out our Committee Information Form to get involved.

Affiliate Committee: Maintains a mutually beneficial balance between REALTORS® and Affiliate members. These committees are made up of professionals who provide education and information to REALTORS® and spearhead the Association’s major fundraisers. They also provide support for many other Association projects and social events.  Meets monthly. Affiliate Director: Bob Hillard (619) 691-6966 - Meets as needed

Education: Researches, plans and presents an annual agenda of industry-related seminars, events and/or workshops to meet the present and future needs of members and further support them in their individual businesses.  Meets annually and as needed to advise.  George Ching, PSAR Education Coordinator (619) 271-5896 - Meets as needed

District Council (East and South): The District Council allows members within the District to address local issues, operate the A.O.R.’s community service projects and local marketing sessions, select charities to be a recipient of the District’s charitable volunteer and fund raising activities, to facilitate members within the District being active with respect to local issues, and with public officials and elections within the District.  East District - Art Armagost (619) 971-5215, South District - Jason Lopez (619) 663-8680 - Monthly Meetings

Tech Committee: Identifies technology programs and tech related educational opportunities for PSAR's membership.  The committee reviews and makes recommendations regarding technology to PSAR's, Board of Directors, Staff, and Local District Coordinating Committee. Meetings cycle between the east and south location monthly.  Mike White (858) 271-4327 - Meets Quarterly

Professional Standards Committee*: Members of the Professional Standards Committee shall be selected to serve on hearing panels as required to hear matters of alleged ethical misconduct by association members or to provide arbitration as requested. Committee members must have been REALTOR members for at least three (3) years and complete annual mandatory training to qualify.  Sally Valdez, Director of Operations (619) 749-2497 - Meets as needed

Global Council: Assists the needs of PSAR members who desire to expand their international reach. The mission of the Council will be to provide PSAR members with the opportunity to learn and expand their niche market in real estate internationally. The vision of the Council will be to provide and facilitate educational opportunities to enable PSAR members expand their practice and organize global-themed events through various mechanisms. Currently meets in the south office monthly. Shonee Henry (858) 744-6811, George Ching, PSAR Staff Liaison (619) 271-5896 - Meets Monthly

Grievance Committee*: Reviews complaints against members to determine if the complaint warrants arbitration or grievance hearing.  Must be REALTOR® member for at least 3 years, attend mandatory training, and meet membership requirements to qualify.  Meets as needed. Sally Valdez, Director of Operations (619) 749-2497 - Meets Monthly

Government Affairs Committee (East & South): Focuses on real estate-related issues and concerns that pertain to our market area. The Association supports both an East and a South Local Governmental Relations Committees.  Meets monthly  East GA: Tom Peyton (619) 548-3390, South GA: Max Zaker (619) 779-7200 - Meets Monthly

Finance Committee*: Serves as the fiscal arm of the Association. Makes recommendations to the Board of Directors regarding all financial activities and requests for non-budgeted items. Prepares the annual operating budget. Selects the organizations auditing CPA.  Meets monthly. By appointment only.  Secretary/Treasurer: Sam Calvano (619) 470-8100 - Meets Monthly

MLS Advisory Committee: Acts as a liaison between the Association’s REALTOR® membership and the Multiple Listing Service.  Brings REALTOR® concerns and recommendations regarding policy and procedure to the Sandicor Board of Directors.  Advises on MLS variances.  - Meets as needed

Young Professionals Network : Focuses on connecting and engaging PSAR REALTORS® through networking opportunities and events, technology and social media, and professional development. YPN encourages the next generation of REALTORS® to seize responsibility for shaping the direction of the Association and the real estate industry as a whole. Meets monthly. YPN Chair: Laurie MacDonald (619) 993-2659, George Ching PSAR Staff Liaison (619) 271-5896 - Meets Monthly

Volunteer At Large: A volunteer at large would like to be called upon to volunteer for one event at a time.  This person should ad a note about the type of volunteer work that interests them.  Do they like administrative work? Working in the community? Party organizing and planning? Working on a team?  PSAR has lots of volunteer opportunities.  Let us know where you would like to contribute to improve your industry and your community.  Sally Valdez, Director of Operations (619) 749-2497 - Meets as needed