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Free home upgrades through the Green Street Chula Vista project

The city of Chula Vista and the San Diego Urban Corps are jointly undertaking a new project called “Green Street Chula Vista.”  This project will help 10 low-income disabled and/or senior (age 62+) Chula Vista residents who own their homes with home improvements AT NO CHARGE.  Improvements can include things like handicapped access, weather stripping, security doors and screens, smoke alarms, water heater insulation, window replacement, exterior pest control, low-flow showers and toilets, replacement of electrical outlets, cleaning mold and mildew, trash hauling, and window and door replacement.
In order to qualify for assistance through Green Street Chula Vista, the homeowner must be either handicapped or at least 62 years old, and must be able to prove he or she is low income.  Proof of income is required and will be verified by the city.  Sorry, under this particular program only detached or attached single family homes are eligible – condos, apartments and mobile homes do not qualify.  Preference will be given to residents of western Chula Vista.  Low-income senior homeowners who are also disabled are ESPECIALLY encouraged to apply. 
To find out if  you qualify, or to request an application, please contact Katheryn Ramirez at (619) 235-06884, extension 3504.  Or you can email Katheryn at kramirez@urbancorps.org. 
Please feel free to distribute this information as widely as you can.
Pat Aguilar
Chula Vista City Councilmember