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Chula Vista Police Foundation November/December 2017

Chula Vista Police Foundation Newsletter-November Review 2017
This Newsletter is a regular publication to review recent
police/community events, highlight the good work of the Police Foundation, and focus on some of those who benefit from the Foundation's efforts.
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Adopt a Planter Beautification Project
The Adopt a Planter Project was a unique and innovative way to provide needed improvements to the employee break area outside of Rick's Cafe at the Police Department.  The project was spearheaded by Agent David Padilla and Agent Tony Molina.      
What started as a casual conversation between the two detectives soon evolved into a competitive challenge to pit teams against other teams to see who can beautify long-neglected planter boxes.   As David explained, "Cops being cops" they had to make it a competition.  Eventually the idea grew and soon all tenants of the police department were invited to take up the challenge to adopt and impove a planter.   David secured the first prize award of an anonymous $100 donation to be presented to the winning team.
About the same time, PD Chaplain Wes Anderson made the department aware of a community improvement project by Eastlake Community Church.  Their project consisted of thousands of volunteers who would go out into the community and work to make real improvements as part of their "I Love Chula Vista" campaign.  The fruits from that meeting were two sets of wicker patio furniture; a privacy fence, lockers for the gardening equipment, and new table clothes and umbrellas.  In all, 28 volunteers from EastLake Community Church spray-painted the tables and chairs, assembled the wicker set, and helped put the privacy fence in place.  As the pictures here clearly show, their labor of love created an inviting area filled with beauty and unique conversation starters.
This beautification project has not only built rapport among the specialty other units within the police department, but was a great opportunity to re-engage the other valuable tenants in the building such as the IRS, the Probation Department, and South Bay Community Services.
All teams have generously donated their time, creativity, and finances.  Thanks to all for participating

A special thanks to the VIP Judges, Mayor Maria Salas, Nikki Van Corp from EastLake Community Church, and Rusty James (who with his team repaired all the damaged irrigation leading to the planters).  It was a tight race but the winners were deserving.  
Winner, 1st Place Planter Box, "Commotion Under the Ocean,"  Underwater Theme
(South Bay Community Services)
2nd Place Box, "Days Gone By-A Victorian Garden" 
(Admin-Cathy Miller)
3rd Place Box, "Team Aloha," Hawaiian Theme
(Chris Salvacion, Justine Talavera, Jacqueline Barajas, Andrea Mayorga)

Honorable Mention:  "The Silent-Honoring Those Who No Longer Have a Voice", Crimes of Violence Unit


Most Humorous:  "It's a Dry Heat", Crime Lab Team


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Learn about the Chula Vista Police Foundation here.                  

Congratulations Police Academy Graduates
Four new members to the CVPD Team from the 112th Academy
Officers Shane Coleman, Justin Turner, Steven Sanford, and Nicholas How pose with the Chief after graduation
A few words of wisdom from the Chief about achieving success in the career ahead of them


ASM Jonathan Alegre: jalegre@chulavistapd.org

Captain Vern Sallee; vsallee@chulavistapd.org

 Captain Fritz Reber: freber@chulavistapd.org

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